7 Tips for Getting a Promotion

Were you raised that humility is a desired personality trait and that actions speak louder than words? Many of us were. Unfortunately our parents did us a disservice. One of the top measures of success in corporate America today is that individuals able to self promote in a non-arrogant manner will rise to the top much more rapidly than those that expect their actions to speak for themselves. Equal performance by two different employees will yield supremely different results for the person that is quiet and humble versus the person that let’s others know about his achievements. The trick is in the delivery of the information. Below are some tips on how to bring positive attention and recognition to yourself and in so doing, to accelerate your career.

  1. Let your administrative staff know what you’ve accomplished. They will not feel threatened or challenged and will spread the word.
  2. Present your team accomplishments at a staff lunch. Let them know your role in the success as well as others on the team.
  3. Invite others out to lunch on a regular basis. Set a target (minimum once a week), to go out to lunch with different colleagues. Ask what they are doing and then mirror their story with one of your own. “Yeah, when I was working for so-and-so, this is how we handled that situation.”
  4. Get your HR person in your corner! He/she has a much larger influence on your success than you probably realize. They can be your best advocate or your worst stumbling block.
  5. Smile. People like people that like them. If they like you, they give you the benefit of the doubt and also attribute positive behavior to you. “He’s my friend, so therefore he must be good at what he does.”
  6. Consider starting a newsletter for your company. If there is already one in place, make sure to offer to write some articles about projects you are working upon.
  7. NEVER turn down an opportunity to present to your peers or coworkers. And make sure that you are prepared and polished when you give the presentation.

Most importantly, realize that people form an impression of you based upon very little actual information. They may only hear one or two things said about you in a year. Make sure that you tell them at least one of those things and make it positive! Self deprecating remarks may seem humble or funny at the time, but are more damaging than you realize in the long run.

*This article was originally published August 2010, but I thought it was worth repeating.

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