Guest Post:  Seven Kids & Special Needs – How Do You Do It?

Guest Post: Seven Kids & Special Needs – How Do You Do It?

A lot of questions get asked when you are a parent of seven kids.  Double those questions when you add special needs kids into the mix.  But the most asked of all is “How do you do it all?”

Day to Day

Honestly, sometimes I just don’t know.  It’s a fly by the seat of my pants moment some days.   But, I am also very lucky – my four oldest are all over the age of 8 and being the busy mom of a child with autism and one with ADHD, those four are lifesavers at any given moment. I don’t ask a lot of them, but some days when I’m in the middle of  meltdown city, I’m glad I can count on them to be able to entertain themselves or make a simple sandwich for the younger ones.
That being said, I also have three kids under the age of five – one of them still being in diapers and still depending a lot on mommy – another a three year old knee deep in her own self awareness movement.  All parents have been there – the only difference is the number of kids, but eventually it becomes routine regardless if you have 1 or 7.
Five years ago life threw us a huge loop.  Usually life does that – so what do you do?  You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and figure out how to straighten out the track you’ve been carefully plugging down.


Unfortunately we are still trying to figure out that loop we now call autism. I think most days I consider myself very blessed to have a child with autism.  He’s made me learn to re-parent in so many ways.  Some days being the mother of seven can be considered a high stress environment, but I’ve learned to take the stress out of it.  I’ve learned to let some things go – like crayon on the walls or spilled liquids on the floor. Because it’s just beautiful artwork that a piece of paper couldn’t contain and that spilled mess?  There is always a paper towel or a napkin to clean it up.

Supportive Husband

I’m also blessed with a wonderful and caring man who is father to these wonderful kids. I have to say most days I couldn’t do it without him.  And by no means do I say that he is perfect, because no one is perfect.  But he is who I need in my life and is a wonderful father.  There are many sleepless nights in our house, but I know he can take the reins any time and I don’t have to worry that the world will come to a end when I can’t go on a minute more.  Raising seven kids is our job, raising kids with special needs is our second job,  and I do both to the best of my ability.  Some days I have to go above and beyond the call of duty, but that’s what parenting is.

Me Time

Regretfully this doesn’t leave much time for myself or with my hubby. But we find our little stolen moments – late night Netflix movies and nachos from our local hole in the wall are a couple.  I get my alone time in simple ways – head phones and music, writing and researching, and taking long showers.

How Do I Do It?

There is no big secret to it – I’m a mommy just like all the other mommys.   I just have  above the normal amount of kids. They are all happy and healthy, they are loving and caring kids.  But they are also kids and all those horror stories you hear have happened at my house too. My house if far from filled with perfect angels, there are the days I want to sell each and every one of them (including the hubs) to the circus.  But I get through the days by striving to be the mom my mother was and my grandmother was to me. I was raised by loving people and my family is as well.

About Lisa: I’m the mother of seven lovely wonderful YuckMouths. They were fondly given that name by their Aunt a few years ago, because we were the junk food house. I’m raising one child on the spectrum and trying to get another tested for ADHD. Life is not what I expected but I love every minute of it…..most days lol. I hope by sharing my stories that another family gains hope and laughter. Because without that we are all doomed. I know the sadness and pain but I also know the light and the laughter of it all. This is our journey.

For more insights like this, please visit Lisa on her Blog, Facebook, and Twitter.   Tell her Daria sent you!  :)

4 Responses to Guest Post: Seven Kids & Special Needs – How Do You Do It?

  1. We have 6 Yeah Who’s. One on the spectrum that was previously thought to have ADHD. I would incourage you to have your child assessed for Asperger Syndrome. Some of the symptoms can mimic ADHD. I had one heck of a fight on my hands getting appropriate testing and services.

    I have told many people the same thing you have said, “You just do it”. You integrate a new child into your life whether it is your first or tenth. That is why a mom is so special.

    • Good point! I say the same thing – you just do it. There is no special formula for being mom. You just do your best and keep putting one foot in front of the other regardless of your situation.

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