Westminster Mall to be Demolished

Westminster Mall to be Demolished

The End is Near

It’s about time.

This has been the closest mall to my house for the past 12 years and I have avoided entering it for the past 6 because it is so depressing.  Sixty percent of the stores are closed and the abandoned feeling does not inspire me to want to shop.  Plus it has become a haven for droopy drawer wearing teens and safety can feel a little squirrelly.

The sale is apparently set to close early next week – May 10th – and the City of Westminster has plans to develop the area into housing and urban type buildings.  The news coverage can be found here.

I know some natives will be nostalgic about losing a part of their past, or outright angry, but in my opinion it was time 5 years ago and I personally am glad to see the area revitalized into an asset to the residents.

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  1. I am pleased to know that they are moving forward with change. It has become an eyesore for the area. I still enjoy shopping at Sears and JCPenney because they have great prices and quality. I encourage others to do that same. Support Westminster’s tax base!

    • I agree about Sears and JCP – plus they are so close, it’s nice to be able just to jump in for something quick. I don’t linger in that mall though. I’m looking forward to seeing what retail they will bring in with the new development – hopefully some unique, small business stores like a downtown Arvada. :) AND please a great place for wine with the girls. :)

  2. I am sad. I will miss some of the retailers. The close proximity of Childrens place and bath and body works etc will be missed but yes they should have revitalized years ago. We love JCP and Sears and olive garden too. Hope they survive.

    • I would have been sad 5 years ago, but am over my threshold for the abandoned feeling. I wish the $1 movie theatre was still open and hope Brunswick stays, but hope the smaller scale retail/high density residential will add a down town feeling of some sort to Westminster. I hope…

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