A Win-Win Mother’s Day Tradition

A Win-Win Mother’s Day Tradition

One of the things I’ve found the most fun and the most challenging about being a parent, is our ability to create traditions.  Even our lack of action creates an expectation and atmosphere that our children will associate with holidays and other special events.   No pressure at all!

There are a couple of Christmas traditions that I’m proud to have introduced, but I failed don’t feel as successful with some of the other events like birthdays and say – Mother’s Day.   I just don’t feel like we’ve been consistent or very creative with our activities.  For Mother’s Day this year, I polled a couple of other parents at work and found a tradition I like.   I plan to steal mimic their tradition and add it to our family.

New Tradition

My husband and I have an annual argument discussion about when to plant flowers.   The problem with joy of Colorado is that snow is unpredictable in the Spring and it could snow one weekend and be 80 deg the next.  That was the real situation between last weekend and this one.   I always want to buy pansies as soon as they go on sale at the grocery and home improvement stores (March) and he always says we can’t plant anything until Mother’s Day (May).  I usually end up buying 3 or 4 anyway and agreeing they may die, but for $1.59 if they last a week it was worth it.

Well, this new tradition would be caving compromising to his date, but let’s me pick out whatever flowers and shrubs I want for my Mother’s Day gift.  Win-win! Doesn’t browsing a garden center with nearly free rein on the purchase sound wonderful?  Next year I intend to share this win-win idea with hubs.

This Year

This year, my newly turned 7 year old (1 week ago), made me breakfast all by himself.   I mean ALL by himself.  I suggested that hubs take his mom out for breakfast because they rarely have 1 on 1 time anymore, so he was out of the house and I was reading a romance novel sleeping in for a bit.   I emerged from my room to the smell of scrambled eggs, hashbrowns and pancakes.   I was so impressed!

Watch out Gordon Ramsey!

My daughter made me a personalized calendar, my hubs had gotten flowers from the kids, breakfast was delicious, and the kids and I went to the Butterfly Pavilion for some mom/kid quality time.

Working Mom Changes

In years past I’ve wanted a break from the kids on Mother’s Day.  I am mom all year long – Mother’s Day is my one day where I get time off from the day to day responsibility.  This year, that feeling did a 180.  Now that I’m working full time, I really treasure the moments that I get to spend with them.   I don’t want to miss a soccer or baseball game because I feel like I already miss so much.  On Mother’s Day, I didn’t want time away from them, I wanted time alone with them.

So, we got our morning together while hubs spent time with his mom and then we got our butterfly pavilion time together while hubs stayed home and puttered around the house.  Basically, I gave Mr. Mom a break from the kids for Mother’s Day.

So, next year I imagine will be very similar to this year – except we’ll be making a trip to the local garden center and loading up on all the plants I want.  I can’t wait!

What’s your feeling – should Mother’s Day be a break from the kids or your time to be one on one with them?



6 Responses to A Win-Win Mother’s Day Tradition

  1. This post was so well written. It made me chuckle and think at the same time, which is one of my most favorite combinations!

    I’ll say this about holidays like Mother’s Day though – they kind of bother me. I know, I’m a curmudgeon. But so many people get legitimately stressed out over these kinds of holidays. “Oh man, I need to go out to lunch with my mom and get her flowers and…oh, what are the siblings doing for her? Should I call? Should I visit?”

    To me, every day should be about appreciation of our loved ones, and it shouldn’t be a source of stress or anxiety. It should be relaxation, joy, love. Maybe, actually, I’m an idealist instead of a curmudgeon. But I don’t know – all of that tension to make Mother’s Day perfect when any occasion is right to treat people well.

    Am I nuts? :)

  2. Thanks Margie. A compliment of writing coming from you means a lot!

    I too am not much for turning these holidays into huge ordeals for similar reasons to what you listed. I think that may be why I feel like I haven’t done a great job of creating traditions. In general, I don’t think a person’s love should be narrowed down to how they act one day of the year. If I forget to call, does it mean I don’t love my mom? No. It just means my life is chaotic (as usual) and I’m hoping she’s having a great time with her friends and husband. I think love is shown in the day to day and it is nice to celebrate and have reminders that we should appreciate people, so we don’t get stuck in a rut of taking what they do for granted; however, agree that turning what should be a celebration into a stressful and anxiety ridden event is counter productive.

    Um, maybe I took that a little farther than you meant! :)

    • It was really odd to realize how drastically my feeling about it changed this year. That whole full time, working mom thing is a difficult balance!

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