What’s your REAL age? Dr. Oz…

On the way to work this morning, I heard a radio commercial that told me my eggs are no good.   No, they didn’t expressly say – Hey Daria – I’m talking to you!  And by the way your ovaries are too old get those rotten eggs out of here.

What they did say was they were interested in women interested in helping families have children.  If you are a woman between the ages of 19 and 32, please call xxx and you may be compensated up to $5,000.

What?  What about my 37  year old eggs?

THEN, I received this opportunity from an affiliate to find out my REAL age.  I’m wondering if my real age is less than 32 are my eggs still rotten?

So, what’s your real age?

By the way, this took about 10 minutes to complete and at the end it asks you to email your results to a friend and if you look at the bottom right, you can skip it.



**Note:  If you take this free quiz to determine your real age – per Dr. Oz – I’ll get $1.  Woohoo!

7 Responses to What’s your REAL age? Dr. Oz…

  1. It turns out my real age (per Dr Oz) is 37.3. Which meshes pretty well with my calendar age of having turned 37 last November. Anyone else take theirs?

    • lol – it’s probably better than you think! You are active and engaged and at a minimum have blogging keeping you connected with friends and interests. If mine is good (even overweight and minimal exercise), then I’m sure yours is even better!

  2. Very interesting. I took the test and it said my real age is 22. I’m not sure I believe my real age is that young but I am pretty healthy and I do have some pretty healthy habits. Thanks for sharing the test link, Daria.

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