You Can Help Jeffco’s Outdoor Lab Stay Open

You Can Help Jeffco’s Outdoor Lab Stay Open

If you are unaware, Outdoor Lab is a week long sleep away camp experience for Jefferson County 6th graders.   It is in jeopardy of being cut due to budget crunches, but I just received an email that gives a little hope for it to stay alive.

Personally, I think Outdoor Lab is a valuable experience and I really hope the community can rally together to keep it included in the Jeffco curriculum.  My two stepsons both went to Outdoor Lab and loved it.  It was a memorable week for both of them and the only time (that I’m aware of) that they went to sleep-away camp.   My younger stepson talked about it constantly for 6 months afterward – This one time at Outdoor Lab…  It completely reminded me of the movie American Pie – “This one time at band camp…”  but in a very innocent context.  His mom and I joked about it and both agreed that Outdoor Lab was an important experience for both of the boys.

Here’s how you can help:

To keep the Outdoor Lab schools(Windy Peak and Mt. Evans) open for the 2011-12 school year, $600,000 must be raised by Wed., June 15. With the district pledging $450,000 in matching funds, the Outdoor Lab Foundation is counting on the community to help keep this experience alive for Jeffco sixth-graders.

The week of May 16 is Outdoor Lab pledge week. Please visit the Outdoor Lab Foundation website and make a donation to support the Outdoor Lab schools. If every student gives just $5 this week, enough money would be raised to keep the schools open. The foundation is asking parents, schools and PTAs to organize fundraisers between Sat., May 14 and Sat., May 21. Please check with your school to find out about fundraisers to help support the Outdoor Lab schools.

Parents should also note that if the schools stay open for next year, the plan is that the fee will increase from $199 to $300 per student. The full cost for students to attend Outdoor Lab is $425. If families would like to contribute the entire amount, they can pay the $300 fee to their school and make an additional donation to the Outdoor Lab Foundation.

Have you or your kids gone to Outdoor Lab?  If so, what was your favorite part?

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  1. Today, Sat. 10-6 is Outdoor Lab Foundation kick off party for our Giving List. 10-6pm 10% of all sales we donate to a charity of your choice (over 50 to choose from). Outdoor Lab Foundation now being one of them! So come shop and share!

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