Movie tickets for $1.25 per person at Elvis Cinemas!

Movies have gotten to be an expensive activity for a family.  Let’s see – family of 4 – $7.50 each on average?  That’s $30!  I hardly ever go to the full price theatres anymore.  And certainly since our belts have tightened with my husband’s unemployed status, we have cut waaay back on  those luxuries.  However, that does not mean I have stopped going to an animated film on a hot afternoon with the kids!

Have you ever tried the movies at Elvis Cinemas?  Tickets are $2.50 each before 6pm and $3.50 each after 6pm.  The movies they show are about 6 weeks after they were first released into the “full price” theatres, but hey, my kids can be patient for that kind of money!  PLUS, I just realized that there is a buy one/get one free coupon for admission to Elvis cinemas on the back of my King Soopers receipts!  Total cost for an afternoon flick?  $1.25 per person!  How can  you beat it? 

The locations in the Denver metro area are:

  • Arvada  
    5157 W. 64th Ave
    N.E Corner of 64th and Sheridan
  • Littleton
    6014 S. Kipling Pkwy
    S.E. Corner of Kipling and Bowles
  • Denver
    7400 E. Hampden Ave.
    South side of Hampden Ave. behind 24 Hr. Fitness

I do want to caution you that Elvis cinemas are not on par with AMC or the other full price theatres.  For the difference in price, you do give up some comfort in the seats and have to be able to tolerate a “dingier” feel to the theatre. 

Last movie I saw there?  How to Train your Dragon  I highly recommend this movie if you haven’t seen it.  We will definitely be adding it to our family DVD collection this year. 

Current kids flicks playing there (as of 8/22) are Shrek Forever After, Toy Story 3, and Marmaduke.

5 Responses to Movie tickets for $1.25 per person at Elvis Cinemas!

  1. I have heard about these coupons at Kings, but every Kings I have been to (Leetsdale, Parker/Arap & 9th & Corona) do not have these on their coupons! Which Kings did you get your coupons at? Thanks!! :)

    • Hi Judith,

      I’ve found that I only get them from one King Soopers and then only sporadically. The one I go to is up north – 80th and Wadsworth. But I bet you could ask either at Kings or Elvis Cinemas to find out which Kings they are advertising with… That would be good information to have!

      And thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Hello, I was just researching where to find the buy-one-get-tickets and I saw your post. The website DenverCouponGuide has the coupons you can print off your computer, and the included some free popcorn too:). Good Luck!

    • That is awesome! Thanks so much for sharing Brenna. The coupons on the King Soopers receipts have an expiration date and are hit and miss whether you’ll get them when you go shopping.

      Thank you!!

  3. And oh, it doesn’t look like the coupons expire- they do ask that you to use them within ten days of printing…not sure how they would know that???

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