Schwarzenegger’s True Colors

Schwarzenegger’s True Colors

I was incredibly disappointed to read this article about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s affair and resulting child with a woman in his employment.  For whatever reason, I had Arnold pegged as one of the good guys.

Hard working guy that turned brawn into a muli-million dollar career, married into the US royalty, became Governor of California, family man with devoted wife and gorgeous children, and just all around success story.

This news doesn’t negate the accomplishments he’s made in his life, but it does taint it and puts a foul taste in my mouth.   The cheating does leave a taint, but it’s not the kicker for me.  Why?   I don’t know the circumstances of either their marriages or the affair, both parties were adults with the ability to control their actions and make a choice.  A poor choice (in my opinion), but one they made and for which they bear responsibility.

The tragedy for me – and where Arnold really disappoints – is how he let his career come before his child.  He has a 10 year old out there that has never been acknowledged – that was told his/her father was a different man and who missed out on knowing his siblings.   That is inexcusable.

People make mistakes, but how you handle those mistakes is when a person’s true colors really show.  Unfortunately, Arnold didn’t admit to this mistake or take responsibility for it early enough to show the type of character I expected of him.

Dang it, Arnold.  Was it worth it?

How does this affect your feeling about Mr. Schwarzenegger?

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  1. Holy beans. This is the first I’ve heard of this!! I always thought of him as one of the ‘good guys’ as well… on the thought that the kid was raised being told that he had a different father… maybe Arnold wasn’t aware either? Just saying, as I said, I haven’t heard anything about this yet.

    • Yes, you are right to ask questions. I know very little about this except for the article I linked to and must give A.S. credit for stepping up to the plate at this point. I inferred that the kid didn’t know and that Arnold did from the phrasing in the article, but since I”m not an insider to the situation, much of my conclusions are speculative. Thank you for adding a different perspective.

      • I guess I was just grasping at straws!! Now that I’ve read more, I guess since it was a family employee that worked in his home, I can’t imagine that he didn’t know. I found this really shocking, in spite all of the constant rumors… since there seem to ALWAYS be rumors about nearly everyone. Wow.

        • I was very disappointed too, mostly because it was a ding in my faith in humanity. I looked to AS as an example of what a good celebrity looked like – and a good family man. This upsets me as much for the hit my HOPE took than anything else. I guess I’ll just have to find a new paragon to hang my hat upon.

          Wonder what Harrison Ford’s been up to….

  2. Great take on another frustrating story, Daria.

    As a man, I’ve got a swell of negative emotions at hearing one more of these stories.

    As a therapist working with these situations week in and week out, it’s getting tougher to help couples avoid or heal from their own infidelity when it runs rampant through our culture.

    Thankfully, I already wrote off Han Solo when he made that last Indiana Jones train-wreck…

  3. I agree with your feelings but whether he was one of the good guys was questionable during his campaign for Governor. He was accused by several of groping, pushing himself on women – not good stuff. There was enough info that it seemed accurate.

    All disappointing, anger-making and sad.

    • Ah, my feeling wasn’t based on any facts, just whatever propaganda had seeped in to my noggin during the past few years. I am just irritated that there are so FEW examples of honorable people to look to as role models. Are humans really that susceptible to their libido? Ugh.

  4. So much keeps coming out about this story. I agree with you that we never know what the essence is of any relationship. It’s not for me to get moralistic about what he’s done. That’s for him and Maria. I can’t even comment about his relationship with his child. At least he provided for him. If anything it reminds us about human frailty. Good job tackling this one. ~Dawn

    • I don’t think he has done anything different than has happened in thousands of marriages over time. It was just disappointing to me that I saw their marriage as an example of one that could overcome the odds and I hated that it is just as fallible as those of everyone else.

  5. Being a celebrity sounds horrible to me and must make it harder to be honest when the whole world is watching and your job is on the line. Not to excuse him in anyway – he was never my cup of tea.
    It’s seem like acting and politics are very similar in that you can’t show your real self and have to show an image.
    I hope that this couple seek a very good couples therapist/family therapist to help them move on – at least as responsible parents. They need to separate public image from the inner work they need to do to recover married or divorced.

    • I once upon at time thought that being a celebrity was glamorous, but with the perspective of time I am very glad not to have that added burden. I don’t like having someone standing over my physical shoulder, let alone judging and peering at my personal life at all times. No marriage is perfect, I just wish this one had fulfilled the image I had of it.

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