New Law Bans Breastfeeding

New Law Bans Breastfeeding

Notice we are outside too!

Today’s news is really pushing my buttons this morning.   First Arnold, now this?

Scott from This Daddy’s Blog brought this news story to my attention about a town in Georgia that just passed a law that bans breast feeding in public.   Their justification is that the law was passed to prevent public nudity and public indecency.

But here’s the deal – taking the emotional outrage out of the picture for the moment – they allow public breastfeeding of children under 2, but if the child is over 2 it is against the law.  Is it just me or is this hypocritical?  Either a breast is indecent exposure and therefore nursing at any age would be indecent, or it’s not and it shouldn’t matter the age of the child.  Right?

Adding back the emotional outrage – @^#%$@#!  The nasty words aside, here are my thoughts:

1)  The government has NO right telling me or any woman what age is acceptable for breast feeding and what age is too old.   Get out of my decisions about what I think is right for MY child.

Should we wean them straight to coffee instead?

2)  There is nothing, absolutely nothing, indecent about a woman’s body displayed for nonsexual purposes.  Whether it be posing for an art class or breast feeding, a woman’s body is natural and beautiful.  Period.  This hypersensitivity to nudity upsets me.  It promotes body image issues on our daughters by instilling a feeling of shame and gives the message that there is something “wrong” with their body.  The issue is not with the women breast feeding, but with the person that is offended.  Get over it!  Develop a sense of maturity that exceeds junior high where the word breast creates giggles.

I am not advocating for women to walk down the street naked, but I do think the puritanism applied by this law has been taken too far and should be repealed.

Ok, stepping off of my soap box now.

As usual, I highly encourage you to comment with your thoughts and welcome disagreement.


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  1. Daria – So glad you posted this. Totally outrageous. As someone who breastfed her son for 13.5 months (I proudly claim that half month :-)), I’m a firm believer we need to do more to encourage women to breastfeed. Our society is so tolerant of violence and gore yet something as natural as breastfeeding gets people all riled up. Women need to speak out on this issue loudly and forcefully.

    • I breastfed my first for 11.5 months – and darn it, that half month counts! :) I can’t believe the women of that town allowed this to happen. I hope there is enough uproar to cause them to reverse the decision.

  2. Totally redonkulous and, frankly, backwards. Especially since our government is taking more steps toward recommending exclusive breastfeeding up to 6 months of age, with continued breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond. Just like the WHO does.

    First lady Michelle Obama said she supports making it easier for mothers to breast-feed their babies, because “kids who are breast-fed longer have a lower tendency to be obese.”

    In my state of Illinois, the one thing former governor Rob Blagojevich right was liberalize the breast feeding laws.

    • Thanks so much for bringing up how this law conflicts with other recommendations. My post wasn’t very well backed with these logical links since I mostly just jumped into outrage. Your comment is a great addition! Thank you.

  3. I just love the idea of carding a baby to see if she’s over or under 2. And what is the penalty? Mom goes to jail?

    OMG, I’m dying at this quote: ““It sets up a process whereby we can try to control nudity throughout the entire city,” Parker said.”

    I guarantee I will see more skin from women and teens who do NOT have babies than I’ll ever see from the what, under 1% of breastfeeding women who nurse past age 2?

    Did the Puritans do ANYTHING positive for America I wonder when reading stories like this…….??

    • lol – one step further – all infants must have their birthdate tattooed on their wrist for nursing verification purposes… I just can’t get over how narrow minded proposing, promoting and passing this law was.

  4. I am happy I dont live in Forest Park. I wonder what the punishment is too.

    I breastfed my baby past 2 y.o. Had no idea I could have gotten in trouble for this!

    And i posted pictures of me nursing outside too – when I was reviewing nursing covers :)

    • I am glad I don’t live there too! If they passed this law, I can only imagine the type of values and community it is are not ones I want to be around. I think the whole thing is ridiculous and should be repealed.

  5. Wow. Just WOW. What the HECK???? Wow. I nursed several of my kids past the age of 2 and I so agree with you that the govt. needs to stay OUT OF IT. It is not their business… are they going to start banning those pants that are thisclose to falling right off the guys wearing them? Because those offend me. My word.

    • I nursed my three all at least 12 months and my last one closer to 20 months. Although, I didn’t personally choose to go past 2 it shouldn’t matter. And their logic is faulty – either a nursing breast is indecent or it’s not – the age of the child has no bearing.

  6. Love your post!! Its insane, and very sad this is even a problem. Forest Park has a horrible crime rate, and they should focus on that or the horrible schools. Not moms that are doing whats best for their child.
    No matter the age.

    • I don’t know the specifics of the town – but it certainly seems that in this time of budget crunches and cuts that our resources could be spent more productively – regardless of my personal bias against such an idiotic law – aren’t there REAL problems out there to focus on? Or are they too scared to actually take a stand on something that would create meaningful change so are fooling themselves into thinking they did well with this law?

      Wow! Apparently I am very opinionated about this! :) Thank you for commenting Tracy!

  7. TOTALLY agree. It’s frightening to me how many laws in various states are being put forward or passed to control women’s bodies.
    This one shows the prurient attitudes of those that passed it. As you noted, a breast is still a breast whether breastfeeding a two year old or a 6 month old.

    • Thank you for commenting Cherry! It’s unusual that there isn’t at least a devil’s advocate position we can make about an issue, isn’t it? :)

  8. Daria, you are awesome. You are always so supportive of issues that Tracy and I hold near and dear to us. Thanks for posting this. Pretty soon we will have to disagree on something just to say we did. ok.

    • That may be impossible. :) I’m sure there are things you tweet that don’t resonate with me and maybe those are areas we disagree (can’t think of any now), but when something as inflammatory as this comes across I can’t help but say something too! I still can’t get over that they actually passed it.

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