Ever Had Your Socks Knocked Off by a 7 Year Old?

Ever Had Your Socks Knocked Off by a 7 Year Old?

For me, being a mom typically means a lot of unappreciated work.  As with most parents, mom to me includes:  chef, chauffeur, teacher, maid, psychologist, entertainment director, etc.

There are plenty of days I wonder if my kids hear a word I say, or notice a thing I do.  But every once in a while, I have a moment that makes it all worth while.   Today was one of those days.

7 Year Old Birthday = Organized Chaos

My son was invited to a birthday party this morning at Fat Catz Bowling Center.  They have bowling, an arcade, and a laser maze.  There were at least 10 seven year old boys running around, eating pizza, bowling, playing games, laser tag, arcades,  etc.  Essentially, organized chaos.  The birthday boy’s mom said we were free to leave the kids, but I was a little concerned that my son was so excited that he would be obnoxious.   After all, that’s how he gets at home.

I did end up leaving, because what mom is going to turn down a free 2 hours by myself?

Proud Mama Moment

When I came back to pick him up, the birthday boys’ mom said to another mom “Oh, this is Tevan’s mom.”  That new mom, whom I’d never met before (Gina) – said “Oh, I just had to meet you.  Tevan is such a sweet boy!”

That would have been enough, but she went on to say..

I was so impressed with Tevan.  He was incredibly helpful and so polite.  I told …(birthday boy’s mom)… that she just had to introduce me to this wonderful boy’s mom.   He asked for pizza with a please and when I gave it to him he said thank you.   He helped the little kids that didn’t know how to bowl and even offered to take my 3 year old into the lazer maze.

Proud Mama

My first reaction was to tell them how he wasn’t like that at home and to dismiss the great things they were saying about my son.  Yes, more than one mom piped in with compliments about Tevan.  I was embarrassed and don’t know why.  That whole being humble thing backfiring again.  I don’t know why I feel a need to minimize how wonderful my children have become.

My son is amazing and yes he fights with is sisters – most boys do –  but his heart is pure and giving and he is an amazing person.

I love my son.  I love him for the incredibly sensitive young boy he is, for the intelligence he shows with school work, but also in social settings, and for the empathy he has for other people. He is incredibly funny, caring, smart, and oh such a sweet person with an incredible future open to him.

I love my son.  And today, he knocked my socks off.

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