Top Colorado College

Top Colorado College

Parade magazine, from today’s (8/22/10) paper, includes an article identifying outstanding colleges across the USA.  The list was generated by asking high school counselors to identify best value.  I am uncertain I would rank schools based on this criteria.  I’d probably be more likely to consider average salary and employment rate of graduates.

Regardless, Colorado College in Colorado Springs, CO was listed as one of the top 7 Liberal Arts programs.  Woohoo!  However, the price tag for this education is pretty steep at $39,000 per year.   Can I say sticker shock?   My college education was about $6,000 per year for tuition.  Granted, I went to a large State school, had in-state rates, and it was 20 years ago now.  Yikes!

After I recovered from my sticker shock, I took a closer look at prices for college.  After all, I do have 3 kids that we are theoretically sending through at least a 4 year program.  There is a HUGE difference in cost between State Colleges (using in-State tuition rates) and Private Universities.  Annual tuition rates given included:

  • In State – $5,000 to $13,000
  • Out of State (same schools as above) – $14,000 to $33,000
  • Private Schools – $17,000 to $44,000 ($17K was an outlier, median seemed to be centered around $35K)

What did I take away from this article?  My kids will probably go to a State school (if they want us to cover the tuition), and if they choose an out of State school, they will be moving there a year before starting so they can qualify for the in-State prices!  :)

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