Empty the Trunk

Empty the Trunk

Well, I have officially hit my all time heaviest weight.  Heavier even than when I was 9 months pregnant with any of my 3 children.  Ten years ago today I was at my all time lowest weight ever – see that pretty picture over on the right?  Yep, my 10th anniversary is today and I’d love to get back to that weight before another anniversary comes along.

It’s not a surprise

I know exactly how I got here – no exercise, too much wine, too much fast food, and a love of carbs.  For some reason I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth any more, so it’s not really a bag of Oreos or a pint of Ben & Jerry’s that I need to be watching like what got me my Freshman 15 in college.  Nope, it’s the mashed potatoes, Taco Bell, and glass of wine at night that really need to stop.  Granted they aren’t usually all eaten together – although I can’t say never.  :)

I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t go through another summer embarrassed about what I looked like in a swimsuit, but summer caught up with me and my willpower is lagging far behind.

Time to turn that around!

My Plan


I bought an elliptical at Goodwill last week and a treadmill at a garage sale last weekend.  They are currently sitting in my garage gathering dust.  Therefore, my biggest goal this week is to have them both in the house and to have used them once (at least).

Ultimately I tried to lose weight the past few months by not adding in exercise and only focusing on food choices, but that only lasted about 2 months before I got tired of being cautious and reverted back to my old ways.  Therefore, my new plan includes some sort of exercise every day.  It can be as small as a walk around the block, or as big as taking a Zumba class, but every day I have to do something with my default being to walk around the block if I haven’t managed to fit anything else in during the day.

I have also rented 3 videos from the library – a Living Room Yoga DVD, and two other cardio and strength DVD’s.  There is no lack of opportunities to exercise it’s just getting my lazy butt (literally) in gear and do it!


I don’t really think I’ll make a lot of food choice changes, but do believe a few will take me a long way.  Primarily, I can only eat fast food once a week and only have alcohol once a week.  It’s summer so there are lots of backyard BBQ’s, family gatherings and neighborhood get togethers that I’ve allowed to push my wine consumption up.  Time to reel it back in.

I’m pretty sure making these three changes, will go a long way.

  • daily exercise
  • fast food once a week
  • wine once a week

Therefore, I intend to report what how I’ve done on each of the above weekly for the rest of the summer.

Weekly Tip: Getting bored with your exercise routine?  Visit your local library and check out a couple of exercise DVD’s to shake things up a bit and get your reenergized.

Invitation: There are a group of women that have a private weight loss group on Facebook that helps with daily motivation and supporting each other.  If you want to get into shape, lose weight, or have some other fitness goal – then please come join us!  Empty Trunk Facebook Group



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  1. Right there with you on being at my heaviest ever and how I got here. Also no exercise and bad eating habits. I wish I could say I’m on the road to recovery, but, for now I just talk about how I will be one day. So, good for you for taking action! That’s the hardest part, I think. Once you’ve started, that good feeling you get from it will be hard to give up! I hope to be joining you one day soon!

  2. Daria – What a beautiful picture! I think all moms (including me) are/have been there. You’ll get your swagger back in no time. You have a great plan and this sounds like a good time to tackle this in light of all of the life transitions you’ve written about in the last few weeks. Can I recommend a couple of great DVD series – Physique 57 as well as TurboFire. I’ve reviewed both on my blog and I LOVE these and have been doing them both. They are fun and will kick your tush (in a good way). Also very smart to give up/reduce the alcohol. My understanding from my trainer friends and a friend who is an endocrinologist is that the body basically converts alcohol to fat rather quickly so it’s a good thing to reduce or give up (so sad – I love wine). Can also I suggest the food diary. I hate doing it but my trainer friend (and weight watchers) really got me in the habit of keeping one and it’s raised my awareness about what I’m putting in my mouth 100 fold. And finally, I just started reading Oxygen Magazine a few months ago. It’s fitness magazine for women that always has really good articles on weight training and tips on clean eating. These women look amazing and the stories are inspirational.

    Good luck and I look forward to cheering you on your journey to success.

    • Great tips Portia! Thanks so much. I always feel better in the summer because I get a tan, but it’s time to get in shape and eat better too.

  3. I was there about 4 years ago and started going to the gym and exercising. Then I started teaching fitness classes and was doing wonderfully… until I hit 38 and my metabolism seemed to STOP. It was awful and nothing seemed to help, even thought I was working out (hard core) at least 7-10 hours a week. It took a deep enzyme renewing cleanse to get back on track. I’ve also heard that your thyroid can get really sluggish due to years and years of poor diet, so make sure to look into that if you find that you’re not losing.

    Good luck!:)

  4. Thanks Byn! I will be 38 this year. I did get my thyroid checked about a year or two ago and it was fine (I really wanted it to be a problem so a magic pill could fix my weight).

    Do you have a link or resource for the enzyme cleanse? I feel like I want to do a cleanse lately…

  5. Welcome to my boat. I’m trying to get up early and walk around the lake next to my apartment. Had great intentions and then got a cold this week.

    Hubby’s 30 year reunion is in 6 weeks. UGH!

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