GREAT Charity for $0 and Only 10 Minutes

GREAT Charity for $0 and Only 10 Minutes

Are you looking for a worthy cause?  Do you want to make a HUGE difference in an impoverished woman’s life without spending a dime or more than 10 minutes?  I highly encourage you to check out

Kiva is a microloan program that has been featured on Oprah and Money Magazine .  I loved the idea, but I never seemed to make it a priority.  As with most things I don’t write down or do right away, the thought kept slipping my mind.  This time I decided to just take 10 minutes and do it already.  I had spent more time chastising myself for not having followed through than it took to sign up!  Lesson learned (and now shared) – just do ONE of those things that keeps nagging at you everyday.  It usually ends up taking less time to just do it than you spend having it bug you.

I signed up and after looking at the applicants I loaned $25 to each of the women below.

Elda Galla in Philippines – 41yo mother of 2 that runs a little store with food and hygiene products.

Hem Meth in Cambodia – a 53yo mother of 6 that buys and sells cattle.  To give perspective of how far $25 goes, Hem Meth’s husband makes $4US per day.

I love this idea! I lend $25 to a person in an impoverished part of the world.  I get to pick the person that I want to help out and follow their story.  Then they repay the loan within a few months ($0 spent) and I get to do it all over again!

What are you waiting for?  This is probably less than you spend on a pair of shoes!

Anyone have other charity/volunteer sites or ideas they recommend?

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