Stuff for Students Family Volunteer Opportunity

Stuff for Students Family Volunteer Opportunity

Did you know that one of out every six children in Colorado is living in poverty? (Colorado Children’s Campaign, 2011) Poverty is defined as a family of four living on less than $22,050 a year.  Living in poverty, the cost of school supplies can be daunting at $50 – $70. The Stuff for Students school supply drive is a collaborative effort on behalf of 9News, Volunteers of America, Walmart, and Federal Express to supply children from low-income families with much needed school supplies. Last year, we collected nearly 85,000 school supplies for over 22 school districts in Colorado.

We need YOUR help to distribute the collection barrels to the participating locations!

Please RSVP if you would like to volunteer!

My kids and I will be delivering 5 barrels, it’s an easy & quick way to help out – can you help out too?

When: Any day before and on August 4th or 5th during Volunteers of America business hours (M-F 8-5)

Where: Deliver barrels to a Walmart or American Furniture Warehouse store or other participating partners in your community.

Who: You and your family…children of all ages are welcome!

What: Family volunteers are needed to distribute the collection barrels for the Stuff for Students school supply drive. Families can deliver barrels to 1 – 3 participating locations in their community. Volunteers can pick up the barrels from the Volunteers of America Administration building on or before August 4th and 5th.

Barrels must be delivered to the assigned locations on August 4th or 5th. Volunteers of America will provide instructions and all of the paperwork for each store. All stores are aware of their participation in the project. The drive runs until August 22nd, and if volunteers are notified that there is an abundance of supplies at your assigned store, then volunteers should be available to pick-up the supplies for drop off at The VOA Mission at 2877 Lawrence Street in Denver.

RSVP: Please RSVP to Rachel Dolgin, or303-297-0408 x13310

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