As of this morning, we I have a new rule.  Unfortunately, it’s not we yet because my 7 year old and 3 year old haven’t quite bought into the concept.  This is not a completely new rule, but rather an extension of the hissy fit I threw rule I instilled last year about letting me go to the bathroom alone and without interruption.

Here is the new rule:

Allow me to shower alone and in peace.

Simple right?  And trust me, I do not take long showers.  At the most I spend 10 minutes and that’s when I shave my legs once a year periodically.   I mean, how much is there to it?

  • Shampoo – 30sec,
  • Rinse – 30sec,
  • Condition – 30sec,
  • Rub soap on your hot spots body – 1min,
  • Use combo anti acne & anti wrinkle face wash (yep I hit the genetic lottery there!) – 30sec,
  • Rinse conditioner & body 2min -
  • Done.

Total time spent = 5 minutes.

Ok, maybe with summer and the resultant cracked heels flip flop toes I may spend an extra few using a stone on my hoofs feet – but you get the point.

This morning – and yes it was the annual shaving event 10 minute shower – my son interrupted me 4 times!

  • Mom, is string cheese, grapes and juice boxes enough for the cooler?
  • Mom, I made 4 PB&J sandwiches, now what?
  • Mom, should I put on my bathing suit?
  • Mom, are we going to grandma’s pool, the Apex or Broomfield Bay?

There are a few things to note here…

1)  OMG – leave me alone!

Ok, got that off my chest.

2)  Wow, he must be racing up and down those stairs to get all this done and bug me in less than 10 minutes!  How do I manipulate encourage him to put the same effort into homework?

3)  Well, at least the last hissy fit I threw rule I placed about not barging into my bedroom or bathroom has taken – kinda.  He is only opening the door and yelling instead of seeing me in all my glory nude.

And that’s how yet another day in the life of Parenting begins…

What was the last hissy fit you threw rule you created?

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13 Responses to New Rule: LEAVE ME ALONE WHEN I’M NAKED!

  1. When my headphones are on… Don’t bug me. Don’t try to communicate with sign language to tell me your brother just beat LBP2. Don’t stand there staring at me, pretending not to. And CERTAINLY don’t wave your hand in front of my screen. You may lose fingers. If you see the earphones in… Just don’t do it.

    • LOL – the don’t stand there staring at me pretending not to is pretty high on my list too. Along with DO NOT stand 2 inches away from me and breathe on me, do not play with your own spit ( or someone else’s for that matter!), and do NOT ask me every 30sec if it’s been 5 minutes yet. :)

  2. Mine is the kitchen us OFF limits after we are in bed. My children are older and this rule was instituted because young people like to eat at all hours of the night. They like to go into the kitchen and bang around in the wee hours and interrupt our sleep cycles, therefore the kitchen is off limits after parental bedtime rule became law. It may sound funny but those of you with teenagers know exactly what I am talking about.

  3. I can sooo relate (as can any mom out there). I agree, totally the most annoying thing about parenting is just wanting a minute to poop, shower or pop a zit. My lil guy has started doing it now, but thankfully, I can pass him off to my two older daughters to take care of him (who have already learned that unless someone has their head cut off, don’t come knockin).

  4. Hahaha! That’s cute, Daria. Your kids just love you so much, they can’t bear the 10 minutes per day of not seeing mom.

    Yeah, I totally relate. Sometimes I get out of the shower to find the dog and the 9 y/o sitting outside the bathroom. Really, guys??

    When my son was little, he would listen to the water running, and since I turn off water when I shave my legs, he’d often ask, “Mommy, are you done yet?”

    Hmmm…my hissy fit? Mind you, it changes weekly, but I’d have to say when things get too loud. I can’t handle a lot of unnecessary noise, so I’m constantly saying, ” BE QUIET!!!!!” I am seriously “stimulas barrier”-challenged.

    I’m trying to breathe deeply and consider my options before I voice my exasperation…it’s more my issue than the little guys:).

    • I too get overloaded with noise! Sometimes the TV will be on, the radio is also on and the kids are playing their DS’s with all the blips and bleeps that go with it. On those days I escape to my room or outside and read a book – in quiet! :)

  5. Oh I love this. I can totally relate… and my husband cannot! Somehow it’s just when MOM is in the shower that either they start fighting, NEED something RIGHT NOW or are making so much noise that I think the house is being raided. I would love to think they will grow out of this, but I’m guessing probably not anytime soon (4 kids ranging from 16mo to 8 yrs). Today I was counting down the hours until the toddler’s nap-time and then trying to decide whether to take a shower or a nap myself. I ended up getting neither!

    • Oh, it makes me feel so much better to hear it’s not just mine! :) There are things I’m sure I’ll miss when the kids are teens and no longer want anything to do with me, but for some reason this particular habit I can’t imagine missing. :) Ten minutes alone – that’s all I ask. :)

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