Warning:  A 7 Year Old Made Up This Joke

Warning: A 7 Year Old Made Up This Joke

My kids have been going through popsicles like they are a dime a dozen.  They are closer to a dime a piece – but that’s not really relevant.

In case it’s been awhile since your last Popsicle, the sticks have jokes on them – jokes like:

  • What did A and B like at the beach?  a C gull.
  • What did the shark become once he was famous?  A starfish.

With this fantabulous example of joke making, my son decided to venture off and create his own:

Why did the ant cross the piece of paper?

wait for it, wait for it….

Because there was a piece of watermelon on it.

Nope, I didn’t get it either.

But that’s what finally made it hilarious – how completely unfunny it was actually became funny.

Yes, I’m biased – he is MY son after all.  Of course his jokes are brilliant – even if it takes a few minutes (or years) to think they are funny.



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  1. Oh! It was a picnic, wasn’t it? The piece of paper was a paper napkin and the ant crawled on it to get to the piece of watermellon from the food the people brought to eat! Still, that is all conjecture and it raises a few questions but that is my theory.

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