Monday’s Money Tips – EXCITING NEWS!


I am very excited to be the featured blogger in BlogHer’s Money Section this week!

Although Mom in Management did have money smart tips here in the beginning, it is such an important topic and I found I had so much to say about it that I chose to split that topic off and develop a blog focused on saving money and building wealth.  It is called Saving to be Rich.

If you want to get caught up on the Money Smart Tips I’ve shared, the summaries can be found here.

The blog is still evolving, but a couple of regular features that may interest you include:

Monday’s MoneyTips – Each Monday a new money saving, earning, investing or spending wisely tip is shared.  There are others scattered throughout the week, but you can count on a fresh post every Monday at a minimum.

Monthly Wealth Building Report - Each month I report on how the wealth building account has grown or declined.  The tagline of Saving to be Rich is Building Wealth One Dollar at a Time.  A large motivation for starting Saving to be Rich was to encourage myself to intentionally focus on our finances and actively pursue growing our financial portfolio.  Financial portfolio sounds more intimidating that reality.  Reality includes putting pennies into a piggy bank and clipping coupons for groceries.  However, passive income is really the heart of building wealth, so we are also investing in the stock market and in rental properties, and investigating other passive income streams.

I hope to provide tips and guides that are approachable and user friendly that takes the mystery and fear out of taking control of your finances.

Here is a small selection of the articles to give you a feel for the topics.  Future topics will include buying a home, refinancing, when borrowing money is good, and others.

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    • Blessing – it can be daunting at first, but it’s really not that difficult. Just start building your coupon insert inventory and it gets easier from there. If you have specific questions, I’m happy to help!

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