Should I have Lasik Done?

I have two friends that have had Lasik done with fabulous results.  My most recent friend now has 20/15 vision!  What I wouldn’t give for that as I sit here squinting at my computer screen because I can’t remember where I left my glasses.  And, to be honest, am too lazy to get up and get them right now since if I get close and squint I can see the screen.

I’ve asked my doctor about it, but the standard response is that my eyesight isn’t bad enough to warrant it.  But I don’t want to deal with the glasses and the frown lines forming because I’m constantly squinting trying to see!  The frown lines ultimately being the driving vanity here.

So, what to do, what to do… I really want to do it, but keep waiting for my eyesight to get “bad enough” to warrant the surgery.  It IS surgery after all.

I clicked that link up there for a second opinion and it came back that I am an excellent candidate.  Hmm, they didn’t even ask me what my current vision is, so I’m thinking that EVERYONE is an excellent candidate and they are just trying to get customers.   I’m not gaining much confidence in their conclusion – but that doesn’t mean I’m not still curious about Lasik.

What do you think about Lasik?  Wonderful or horrible?


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    • I may just do that! I think checking out the doctor and getting personal references is really important. My concerns? Money is an issue although not a driving force (more of a temp situation), beyond that my eye doctor says my vision isn’t bad enough so there is as likely a chance to make my vision worse as better. But I’m thinking a consultation may make sense from a Lasik doctor that understands the precision available better.

  1. Wonderful!! I got it 3-4 years ago, and it’s the best money I ever spent. My eyesight was pretty bad, and got worse every year, but I think anyone who needs glasses should get it. It was life-changing.

    • sounds wonderful! I can see pretty well without glasses and the dr says because my sight isn’t bad that they could as easily make my vision worse as they could improve it, but it seems they should have gotten good enough by now to figure that out…

  2. I wore glasses for over thirty years. When I was in my forties I not only needed my glasses to see far away, but I started needing reading glasses too. I did Lasik and had only one eye done. I now have mono-vision. It is one of the best things I have ever done. Now I don’t need glasses for distance or for reading! For me, I consider being able to throw away my glasses after decades of wearing them a miracle!

    • I’ve heard of only having one eye done, but does that give you a headache? I just can’t imagine not having similar vision in both eyes I guess. Hmmm

  3. I started wearing glasses/contacts at 19 for my distance vision. I had Lasik around 6 years ago and love the results (20/15). But… now that I’m in my 40’s, I’ve started wearing reading glasses. Can they fix that with Lasik these days?

    • I think they can fix reading glasses now too – I’ve heard they do one eye for long distance and one for reading – sounds like I’d have a headache, but that’s what I’ve heard – take it with a big grain of salt!

  4. No. Worst thing I’ve ever had done ever. I gave birth med-free and it was breeze compared to the trauma that was lasik. My doctor was pulled away due to an “emergency” during my prep for surgery, failed to administer numbing agents and did the entire surgery like that. When they yelled at me to look at the light – which I could not see because I literally whited out, they screwed up the whole surgery – having to go back and do it again a few months later.

    Now if I am even slightly dehydrated I get flashing “haloing”(in the shape of the cut from the original surgery) which causes severe migraines. I have to wear anti-glare lenses to drive at night because the glare/blur around lights created as a side-effect is so bad I can’t drive without them…and even with the surgery I have to wear glasses because it didn’t correct the problem for more than 5 years.

    I highly, highly suggest you read all the fine print then decide – if every single one of those things happened to me at the same time would I still be ok with my decision. If so then sure, go ahead…

    • Wow, that’s the first bad experience I’ve heard of… do you think the doctor was simply incompetent? Or do you think this is a risk of the surgery itself? These are the types of side effects that make me think what I have now is just fine!

  5. The doctor is (remains) extremely well known and I have no reason to think him incompetent – though the oversight was pretty dodgy/stupid. I do think that a lot of my side effects are a risk of the surgery – not just the surgery the way I had it done and I was warned about many of them in advance. I am the type of person who always has the side effects happen though…wish I knew why! I really do wish I had stuck with contacts/glasses though because the migraines are truly horrific. :/

    • Thank you very much for telling about your side effects. I’ve had two others comment on facebook or twitter about similar halo-ing effects and night driving issues. I suppose that’s why my dr keeps saying it’s not worth the risk since my correction is so slight.

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