Great Deal on Hair Feathers

Groupon.comIf you have a daughter over 5 I can almost guarantee you’ve seen or at least heard of these hair feathers.  They are really cute, semi permanent – in that they last through washing and styling your hair (for about a month to 6 weeks).  Jaeda BEGGED for one forever and we finally got it.  At least half of her soccer team has these feathers too.

My point?  Groupon has a deal today for a significant saving on these feathers and it’s in Arvada which is even better since it’s convenient for us.  I bought 3 of the 3 feather bundles (only $5!).  I’m thinking one for me, one for Jaeda, one for CJ and give the others as gifts.

Hurry because these deals only last one day!  CLICK HERE


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