Anyone Going to See The Help?  #TheHelpMovie

Anyone Going to See The Help? #TheHelpMovie

I must admit that I hadn’t heard anything about this book or the movie until very recently.  My friend Jessica was over one night (@fabulousJes) and mentioned that they read this book in her book club and she absolutely loved it.  Earlier that same day I received an email inviting me to a screening of the movie, but I hadn’t paid much attention because I hadn’t heard anything about the book.

This was about 3 weeks ago and since then I have heard gads of information raving about The Help.  I’m still not quite sure what the storyline is, but because of my friend’s recommendation, I fully intend to go.  Unfortunately  I wasn’t able to attend the screening due to a conflict with family in town so will be paying full price for the ticket.

Regardless, this seemed like a great movie for a girls night out – maybe some appetizers and wine beforehand?  Or ice cream and coffee afterward while we discuss the movie and what we liked or didn’t like?

I am not in any way affiliated with this movie or being compensated in any way – this is just my current rambling thought process as I sit in front of my computer and think that I am ready for a girls night out.

What’s your favorite girl’s night out activity?

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  1. Thanks for sharing this review to us. Thanks for the follow too, I am now following you back. Nice website you got here, very organized layout.

  2. Yaaa! I’m going to see it tonight with a girlfriend. Drinks first – then off to the theatre. I’m so excited! The book was heart pounding, amazing, freedom/justice embracing stuff. I’m so glad they made a movie. Now I just have to lower my expectations because the books are generally so much better! (Take Harry Potter for a glaring example!!!)

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