Mom Tip: Painless Way to Remove Items From a Kid’s Nose

Mom Tip: Painless Way to Remove Items From a Kid’s Nose

how to remove objects from a kids' nose
Perfect size for sticking up noses.

I’m sure you’ve seen a sit-com where the toddler puts a bean up her nose, or a lego, or whatever.  Hopefully you won’t ever actually have to experience trying to get those darn things out, but for some reason there is a magnetic draw for kids of a certain age to stick small objects up there and then to panic when they can’t get them out.

For my kids – I suppose I shouldn’t lump them all together like that  – for my SON – it was a hair bead.

We were on vacation and an old high school friend was coming over with his family to visit.  We had gotten a My Little Pony gift set that came with hair beads to braid into the pony’s mane and, well, one thing led to another and my son (then 3) was screaming because there was a bead stuck up his nose.

At first my friend (a police office) held my son down while I tried to get it out with tweezers.  Um, bad idea.  Can you say trauma?

Finally, I decided I’d have to take him into a clinic or emergency room or something and called the nearest urgent care center.  After I figured out where they were and how to get there I had a rare moment of brilliance.

“Um, could you tell me how you’re going to get it out?”

The receptionist asked me to hold on while she asked the pediatrician on call.

And here is the secret to getting objects out of noses:

“The doctor says to push on the side of the other nostril with your finger to plug it.  Then blow really hard into your child’s mouth.  The bead should pop right out.”

It worked!

You are on your own when it comes to boogers.

And there you have my Mom Tip of the week.  I hope to turn this into a weekly feature, so stay tuned for more Mom Tips!  Also, Management Tips will be forthcoming.

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6 Responses to Mom Tip: Painless Way to Remove Items From a Kid’s Nose

  1. I’ve done this, too!! With a pink Polly Pocket shoe. It took awhile. I had almost given up – and had buckled everyone into car seats and tried one last time and out it came in a pool of snot!

    Much better than a trip to the ER.

  2. I can’t remember for the life of me what it was that was stuck up B’s nose. I’m thinking popcorn. Of course…

    I remember tweeting about it and getting a response from a follower with a nurse beside her. When I could no longer see the item, she suggested I not do the above because it was soft and would disintegrate in his nose and run down the back of his throat. ROFL….sorry, that’s kinda a bad picture, isn’t it. However, if I could still see it, I would have been nostril blowing myself!

  3. When I was in first grade I put a sweet tart up my nose and my babysitter freaked out. I don’t even remember what happened but I do remember her reaction because it scared me. ADVICE: keep calm for the kids!

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