Want a Laugh? Watch Me Try to Use Heelys!

Want a Laugh? Watch Me Try to Use Heelys!

I was fortunate enough to be selected to receive a free pair of Heelys via my relationship with Business 2 Blogger.  I considered ordering a pair for myself, but in the end the pleas of my daughter won out.  What I didn’t realize at the time is that her feet are only one size smaller than mine!  She wears a size 9 and I wear a size 10 and since Heelys are built to be fairly comfortable, I was able to squeeze into her shoes and try my hand at Heely (ing) too.

Before I share that embarrassing debacle video,  here’s just a little about Heelys in case you aren’t familiar:

  • HUGE selection of styles, mostly skater type look, but branching into other styles.
  • They come with a removable wheel in the heel of each shoe (hence Heelys).  If the wheel is in you can ride on them like skates, or you can pop the wheel out and they are regular shoes.
  • Cost is about $50 – but for that you get shoes, plus exercise/entertainment.
  • Very popular with kids.
  • Durable construction.

This is not our first rodeo with Heelys.  My stepson loved his and my daughter has had two pairs before and is an old pro with riding them.  Her big brother was kind enough to teach her.  (Don’t you love seeing siblings getting along?)

Here’s my daughter riding her new Heelys at the zoo:

Doesn’t she make it look easy?   I do buy her regular sneakers also, but for how durable, stylish and fun Heelys are – they are a great buy.  Plus they get her out from in front of the TV.

My only downside to Heelys?  My kids love to ride them so much that when I’ve been places with wide concrete aisles (Home Depot, Costco) we’ve heard the announcement “Parents, please keep your children by your side at all times and do not allow them to skate in the store.”  Yep, pretty sure that announcement was directed at me.  blushing

Anyway, are you absolutely ready to laugh hysterically at my expense?



There was a millisecond there where I was actually rolling – right?  I certainly know all my muscles (regardless how out of shape) were tense trying not to fall – so it was a good workout too!  I may even try again – crazy I know, but my kids thought it was a lot of fun and it’s always good to do things together that make us laugh.

If you are interested in trying these for yourself or your children – Heelys is having a Labor Day/Back-to-School special.  The sale starts next week and lasts 4 days (Sept 2 to 5)  buy one pair at regular price and get a second pair for only $30!

Check out the Heelys website or connect with them on facebook, or twitter to find out more.


12 Responses to Want a Laugh? Watch Me Try to Use Heelys!

  1. Oh my goodness, sorry, but that video is spectacular. I love that the kids helped you! That would be me. Now I feel like I have to try my son’s on just for the challenge of it. I on the other hand would probably pad myself with a pillow…and a helmet!

    • Lol – no need to apologize – that’s why I shared. :-) My son wanted to pull me around by my elbow, but kept pulling me down bc he’s so little still – ack! Good point? I didn’t actually ever fall… :) gotta take your wins where you can

    • OH, you SHOULD try them out! It was fun to be able to laugh at myself at the very least and a helmet would have been a very smart idea!! By the way, thanks so much for commenting!

    • I think I may even try again :) bugs me that she’s so good and makes it look so easy and I can’t even stand up on my own…but it was totally hilarious few minutes :)

  2. That is hysterical Daria! You are braver than I. I knew I was too chicken to try them. Ha, good for you. Glad to have connected through Facebook, I’m your newest follower. Great review!

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