Empty the Junk from the Trunk : Weight Loss Update

Empty the Junk from the Trunk : Weight Loss Update

I am not doing well with losing weight at all.  I can’t decide if it’s emotional stress from losing my job, physical obstacle from hitting my late 30’s and changes in metabolism, or just plain laziness on my part.  To be honest it’s probably a little bit of all of these with an emphasis on the lazy.

I was really frustrated this past week when I gained weight after thinking I had cut down on my calories and had exercised 3 times.  But it was also that time of the month and I always seem to gain about 3 pounds during that week.  I am also incredibly moody and lean toward depression.  I realized this because I felt so great yesterday – playful, happy, thinner… and the timing works out that every month I feel great after my period is over.   Which is wonderful, but how do I capture those hormones so I feel that good all month?

Since I can’t really do anything about my cycle and I think not having it at all would make things worse, I guess I’ll just live with it and apologize in advance to my husband for being a bitch snippy with him.  Or maybe I’ll mark those days with a BEWARE sign on our family calendar…hmm.

Anyway, rather than wallow in my failure to lose weight, I am wiping the slate clean.  This is my new week one.  Hopefully, a fresh start will help motivate me to get my butt in gear (literally).

How’d I do?

  • I lost 1.4 pounds.
  • Total weight loss = – 1.4 pounds.
  • First goal = Lose 10 pounds (8.6 to go)

Goals for this Week

My goals for this week include:

  • exercise 3 times
  • lose 2 pounds
  • Start Couch to 5K

So, far I haven’t won the 10 week fitness challenge, but it is definitely motivating and we have 3 winners already!

Week 1:  Kristina @ Racing and Saving Mama

Week 2:  Gina @ Special Happens

Week 3:  Le’Ann @ Lark’s Song

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Weekly Weight Loss Tip:

Pay attention to your moods and associated eating.  Try to differentiate between hunger and emotion.

Does your period affect your weight and mood?  If so, how do you handle it?

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7 Responses to Empty the Junk from the Trunk : Weight Loss Update

  1. Daria,

    I am starting to believe the heat wave may be the cause of people’s lack of motivation! It is too HOT to move, to shop, to exercise, to go out, to do anything! Today was the first time I have been shopping in months due to the heat. The weather is beginning to cool off and I am hoping this really motivates me to get moving again! I have a TON of gardening to do and I would love to walk again every day. Anyway, Good Luck, keep your chin up and remember you are not alone here in the trenches!

    • It’s been relatively nice weather here this summer, I can’t really use that excuse. I’ve had a lot of emotional crud this year and I think that’s really added to it – but I hope I’m on the bottom of that and heading up…so, we’ll see!

  2. I am sorry you are having a hard time. I am about 10 years older than you and it is so frustrating that the older we get, the less food and the more exercise is required to even maintain, much less lose, weight. Perhaps pumping up the exercise? five times a week, even if it is a long walk? Just a thought?

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