Wordless Wednesday: We have a Baby Bunny!

Wordless Wednesday: We have a Baby Bunny!

My husband found this tiny little girl when he was watering our garden.  She was so sweet the first thing out of my mouth was “Can we keep her?”  Thank goodness I decided “No.”  before my kids saw her because that was the first thing they said too!  On this one there’s no denying…They get it from me.

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  1. Been there done that, but it’s too late now. Once they get the human smell the mother won’t come back & if you don’t take care of it, it’ll die. Sorry. We fed it & my daughter even went on line, plus called the Animal Cruelty society to find out how to take care of it & how to feed it. We had it two weeks & when it was big enough to explore the back yard it took off. So not to worry. It doesn’t want to be there as much as you don’t want it there. Whew! Good luck!

    • I was afraid of that. I’m hoping it was big enough to take care of itself – my husband found it where it had wandered into our garden and it certainly ran away quickly enough when we put it down…but I was/am worried that she will be ok…

    • Wasn’t she darling? She’d probably be better than Bruno – his garbage eating and stubborness about housebreaking is becoming tiresome. He is awfully cute and very sweet though….

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