Join Me at Rodizio Grill Tonight for Wild Game Fest!

Join Me at Rodizio Grill Tonight for Wild Game Fest!

I personally am very tired of cooking the same ole things and even more tired to washing the same ole dishes.  Therefore, I am thrilled that I don’t have to do either tonight!

Tonight, September 26th, Rodizio Grill is kicking off  Wild Game Fest with a party starting at 7pm.   If you join us tonight, you can get a four course meal – PLUS dessert for only $19.99 per person!  Only catch?  You have to tell them you heard about this deal on Mom in Management.  That’s it!

The point of Wild Game Fest is to introduce you to a variety of meat that you may not have tried before.  I heard a rumor that rattlesnake, yak, and wild boar will be on the menu.  I’m a little nervous about the snake, but the other is just steak – right?

Guess I’ll find out tonight!  If you can’t make it, then follow my twitter account and I’ll let you know what I’m brave enough to try and if snake does indeed taste like chicken.

What is the wildest food you’ve ever tried? 

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