Empty the Trunk – Update

Empty the Trunk – Update

I didn’t post last weekend, so this is really a two week update.  Good news is that the injury I reported in my last post turned out to be a charlie horse and disappeared after 2 days rather than derailing my running program.   I took 5 days off from the program and since then I have successfully completed Week 4 of Couch to 5K (doing 4 days rather than the normal 3 since I took a 5 day break from jogging).

My View When I Run

I also completed Day 1 of Week 5 this morning and those 5 minute segments I was worried about were doable!  I won’t say easy, because I was huffing and puffing and telling myself to just keep putting one foot in front of the other – but I completed them without taking breaks.  Phew!
There is a photo that a friend of mine, Jen @ Jenerally Speaking, shared in our facebook group that I kept thinking of too.  It says something along the lines of “I don’t quit when I’m tired.  I quit when I’m done.”  It has kept me moving even when I really want to stop.  


I had a revelation this week that I thought you may enjoy.  See that picture over there?  That is my view when I am running and I have to admit that it isn’t necessarily the most motivating to want to get closer to!  So, at the bottom of this post is my solution…

Weight Loss

  • I gained 2.0 lbs.
  • Total weight loss = +0.4 pounds.
  • First goal = Lose 10 pounds (10.4 to go)

Although I gained 2 pounds, I am thinking those are muscle pounds – plus it was that week.  I measured inches and I’ve lost 2 inches in each thigh!  Inches lost everywhere else too.  To me that’s a successful week and a reminder that we need goals that aren’t just scale #’s.

Goals for this Week

My goals for this week include:

  • Continue Couch to 5K (3x) this week.
  • Lose weight.
  • Lose inches.

Our 10 week fitness challenge is officially over.  It was great motivation and kept me going even though there were weeks that I slid backwards.  Because of this group, I picked myself up the next week and recommitted.  I also started Couch to 5K because I had committed to it in our Challenge.  There’s nothing quite like having 10 women supporting you and holding you accountable to get your butt in gear!

I am going to change the format of the challenge in the next few weeks by adding a forum to Mom in Management where we can encourage each other right here.  I also intend to expand this into motivation and challenges for other goals in our lives whether they are career related, house related, marriage, kids – whatever.  No matter what your goals, having a support group that encourages you and provides tips and accountability is invaluable.  Stay tuned…

Weekly Weight Loss Tip:

Find the right motivation for you.  Remember that picture of my running view up there?  I’ve decided to visualize this instead to keep my feet moving…

lose weight

What’s On Your Exercise Playlist?  I need some new music…

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