– Charity Helping Others without Spending a Penny – Charity Helping Others without Spending a Penny

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I am an absolute believer in  It was established 6 years ago to help people in developing countries get access to loans.   Both men and women are welcome to apply for a loan from Kiva or their microfinance partners, but I am personally drawn to helping women.


I believe we are becoming a global community and that women are the ones that will guide what this new world will look like.

  • I want women to be empowered everywhere – not just in the US.
  • I want children to be fed, and moms are the ones that do that.
  • I want kids to see their moms succeed and gain confidence.
  • I want children to learn to value their moms and girls in their communities.
  • I want women to meet the world head on instead of learning to keep their eyes lowered like the woman in this picture.

This picture is the face of the woman I just loaned to today.  Her name is Viola.  She is 21 years old, has a child, and lives in Sudan.

Helping Viola is the 6th loan I’ve made through Kiva and I didn’t even spend a penny – just reloaned money that was repaid to me by the others I’ve helped.

As we approach the holidays I know we start thinking how fortunate we are and often look for charities to contribute to.  I’m hoping this year you’ll consider Kiva.

If you do, please consider joining my Kiva team (just means your loan will show up in the total difference the group made).  The name of the lending team is Moms Helping Moms.



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  1. I Love the concept of as well. I think it is a fantastic way to be able to reach out and help others even if you don’t have a lot of cash to offer yourself.

    Another organization I absolutely love, for the same reasons, is – the enable the public to help children around the country one classroom at a time.

    • I just LOVE the concept! Also that it’s a hand up, not a hand out. Not that there is anything wrong with hand outs in the right circumstances – but this way these women learn how to help themselves and can then help others and the cycle perpetuates (or so I hope).

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