3 Dry Ice Halloween Party Activities

3 Dry Ice Halloween Party Activities

dry ice halloweenI try to have a craft, a game night, baking or some other creative interactive activity with my kids on a monthly basis at a minimum.  Ideally this would be weekly, but as all you busy moms are aware, life often happens to disrupt weekly plans.

We bake together occasionally, which my son (7) adores, but my daughter (9) is too cool not excited about.  We’ve made barrettes which my daughters enjoyed, my son too – but my son was dissappointed because he couldn’t exactly use the barrettes and therefore couldn’t show them off to his friends.  Making the super cute name letters was probably their favorite activity to date, but my 3 year old was pretty limited with what she could do during that craft considering it used paint and a scalpel.

As you can see, I’ve struggled at times to find an activity that each of my kids enjoyed equally, that piqued their interest, and ideally taught them something along the way – plus the overall purpose of doing something fun together.

BUT, I found a fabulous resource for activities that are educational and fun!

Steve Spangler Science

I was lucky enough to review the Ultimate Dry Ice Science Kit from Steve Spangler Science with my family this week.


Steve Spangler Science has tons of experiments, activities, and supplies to make very cool – very fun science activities for your kids.  They are educational too.  In fact, both teachers are thrilled that I’m going to share the experiment with the whole class to teach acid/base pH, the chemistry of CO2, and some other lessons that tie in really well with the kids’ school work.  When I finish those two demonstrations, I plan to donate the kit to the school so it’s available for use to all the classes (good teacher’s gift idea!).

The kit comes in a big brown box (arrived very quickly!) with everything I needed to do all of the experiments.  Well, except for the dry ice because it would have melted before it arrived.

Where to Find Dry Ice

Even this time of year (2 weeks before Halloween) Safeway was not carrying dry ice.  However, King Soopers (Kroger) sells dry ice and when I asked, the clerk said they have it in stock all year long.   Good info to know!  I bought 1.5 pounds of dry ice which came out to $1.87 – very affordable.   She gave it to me in a brown paper bag which I then put into a cooler to take home.

Dry Ice Activities

We did three experiments with the dry ice:

  • Change Colors (acid/base reaction)
  • Bubbling Sludge (smoke filled bubbles overflowing beaker edge)
  • Boo Bubbles (smoke filled ball sized bubbles that you can bounce)

The experiments were super cool and the kids were very engaged and excited – as you can hear in the audio of these videos.  I didn’t think pictures captured the experiment or the kids’ reactions as well as video does, so am sharing via vlog.

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?  Have you ever used dry ice before?

**Disclosure:  I received the dry ice kit free of charge to enable my review.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.  


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  1. Daria thank you so much for reviewing our kit. I’m so glad your kids had a great time. Their teachers and students at your school are lucky to have you. Good luck with the demonstrations.

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