Weight Loss – Empty the Trunk Update

Weight Loss – Empty the Trunk Update

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I only finished one day of Couch to 5K this week – BUT that day was jogging 21 minutes straight!  No breaks.  I was so impressed with myself.   It’s amazing to think that just a few weeks ago jogging 60 seconds straight was difficult.

Lesson learned – your body responds very quickly to exercise.

Weight Loss

  • I lost 0.4 lbs.
  • Total weight loss = -2.8 pounds.
  • First goal = Lose 10 pounds (7.2 to go)

I didn’t lose that much weight, but I had my period and every other month during this week I’ve gained a minimum of 2lbs – so actually losing weight this week -even 0.4lbs is an improvement.  Plus I didn’t follow through on the Nutrisystem plan.  As of Thursday I had lost 5 pounds in 5 days when following the Nutrisystem plan closely.

But on Thursday I hosted a Nintendo Wii party and took it as an excuse to break from the plan and drink wine and eat ice cream.  Then I just stayed off plan justifying it to myself because I went to Devil’s Thumb Ranch Sunday and Monday and ate fabulous food with paired wine.  No way was I going to miss that opportunity!  After all, I want to make losing weight part of a lifestyle, not just a diet and that includes flexing to accommodate special events.  Right?

Yes, I hear the self justification, weight loss defeating thinking in the above statements.   Well, today I am jumping right back on the Nutrisystem plan and hoping that I can catch back up on that 5 pound loss!


Last week I had a few questions about Nutrisystem that I promised to answer in this week’s post.

But before I get to the answers, I just have to take a minute to rave about the responsiveness of the Nutrisystem staff.  Meredith had the answers to my questions to me the next day!  AND I hadn’t even asked her the questions yet.  She read my post and responded immediately.

I am blown away by their support and responsiveness.  I’ve never worked with a company that took customer service to such a great level before.  Amazing.

If you are curious – here are the questions I had and Nutrisystem’s answers:

  • Are there any additives to the food to suppress appetite?
    There are no appetite suppressants or stimulants in the foods.
  • Is it purely a calories game or is there more to it related to the types of food? 
    A calorie reduction is necessary for weight loss, but our program offers much more.  The meal plan is designed to meet the guidelines of the leading health organizations, so the included foods are nutritious- low in fat, high in fiber, low GI.
  • Can I substitute lunch entrees with dinner entrees?  Or do they have to be eaten for the specific meal? 
    Lunch entrees and dinner entrees have to be eaten at the designated meals; however, if a plateau is experience please contact us and we can switch things around to help jumpstart it back.
  • Do they recommend not straying for a certain amount of time?  Or can I go “off diet” one or two days a week? 
    We recommend sticking to the meal plan closely until you understand the basics – typically at least a month.  When you are ready to have a meal off, speak to a counselor about how to plan. You do not want to gain the weight back in those 1-2 days that you lost the rest of the week.
  • Is Crystal Light acceptable instead of water? 
    Crystal Light can be used as a fluid replacement.

My new question is:

  • IF I am going to “cheat” are there certain foods I should absolutely avoid to minimize interference with the results of the Nutrisystem plan?

Weekly Weight Loss Tip:

If you fall off the weight loss wagon, just jump right back on!

How did you do with your goals this week? 

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**Disclosure:  Nutrisystem is providing 4 months of their program at no charge in exchange for my review.  Want to lose weight and get healthy on Nutrisystem? Join today by calling             1-888-853-4689       or by visiting Nutrisystem


9 Responses to Weight Loss – Empty the Trunk Update

  1. Yes, yoga on Sunday and horseback riding on Monday. :) But that counts for this week, not last week, so…this week I’ll be awesome on my exercise reporting!! :)

  2. Kudos to you for jogging for 21 minutes straight. Right now that 60 second jog would be challenging for me.

    I have a quesiton about yoga. Do you know of and/or recommend any yoga videos? Yoga classes are not doable right now and I until I can make that happen, I’d love to do yoga at home. Appreciate any suggestions you might have.

    • Thanks on the kudos! As for yoga, I’m very new to it (as in that class was my first!) but Fiona mentioned you should check out @sadienardini on youtube. She, Barb, and Leslie are all yoga ists.

  3. Oh man I put away so much food at DTR. I think you are doing great. The best things is to remember that there is no perfect and that it is important to embrace the bumps and carry on.

    • LOL – thanks Melissa. :) My thighs are still sore from the horseback riding, plus the snow…those have been my excuses so far this week… gotta get back into it!

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