Moms Night In with Nintendo Wii Motion #nintendoenthused

Moms Night In with Nintendo Wii Motion #nintendoenthused

Nintendo Wii Play MotionLast Thursday I invited a few fellow moms over to play video games with me.

Yes, I know that sounds more like an invitation to a kids’ party, but I thought it would be fun to leave the kids at home and be silly together.  It’s not often that we get to play like the kiddos after all!

Add some wine and an ice cream sundae bar and voila!  instant party success.

The game we played was Nintendo Wii Play Motion which is really 12 games in one.  We also used new Wii controllers that are super cool.  Not only are they blue (my favorite), they are more sensitive to motion and have a speaker in the controller itself!

Nintendo Wii Game

We balanced ice cream on a cone to see who could get the tallest stack, skipped stones, and protected our garden in a whack-a-mole type game.  There are other games included, but those are the ones I’ve played so far.

The great thing about the Wii Play Motion is that all of the games are completely family friendly.  And as you’ll see in the video a little further down in the post, adults enjoy playing as much as the kids do.  :) So, ages 3 to ancient and up can play and have fun.

nintendo girls

The only one that couldn’t play was Catherine who is 3 months old.  Isn’t she adorable?

nintendo wii We did have to rely on the expert (my 7 yo son) to get everything set up and show us what to do.  And he was more than happy to beat me at every game and not just by a little bit – skipping rocks?  My son 45.  Me 9.

nintendo partyTo top it off (pun intended) we had a fabulous ice cream sundae bar with every topping imaginable and the cutest parting gifts for the guests.
nintendo ice cream

Between the wine and the ice cream I blew my diet completely out of the water – but I had fun doing it!  My friends and I had so much fun, we are already planning another Wii party with husbands and kids invited next time.

Are you ready to see us in action?  Here’s a clip of us playing the whack-a-mole game:

What’s your favorite activity to do with friends? 

**Disclosure:  I received promotional items from Brand About Town and Nintendo to facilitate this party.  

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