Weight Loss ~ Empty the Trunk #NSnation

Weight Loss ~ Empty the Trunk #NSnation

horseback exerciseMy weight loss weigh in for 10/25 to 10/30.

Running Program

Not much to report.  Actually nothing to report.  I didn’t do even one day of  Couch to 5K this week.   I wasn’t a complete slacker with exercise though.  While I was at Devil’s Thumb Ranch on Sunday and Monday, I took an hour long yoga class and a 2 1/2 hour horseback ride through the mountains.

I was plenty sore for a few days after the horseback ride, but the fact remains that I haven’t been running for 10 days.

Weight Loss

  • I lost 3.2 lbs.
  • Total weight loss = -6.0 pounds.
  • First goal = Lose 10 pounds (4.0 to go)

I am very pleased with these results – especially considering they only include 5 days since I was a few days late with last week’s weigh-in.  However, I’m also a little concerned that some of the pounds lost are due to muscle loss since I haven’t been jogging.  So, my plan is to jump (or run) right back into my Couch to 5K routine.  Starting today.  After I change up my ipod tunes with some help from Racing and Saving Mama’s new playlist.


Last week I was wondering about “cheat” days and if there are certain foods I absolutely must avoid while following the Nutrisystem plan.

Question:  IF I am going to “cheat” are there certain foods I should absolutely avoid to minimize interference with the results of the Nutrisystem plan?

Answer:  If you are going to cheat, avoid fried foods, creamy based foods, high sugary foods and drinks, as well as alcohol.

So, basically all the things I would want to cheat with!  Big sigh… apparently there is no magic formula that will allow me to guzzle wine, binge on pizza topped with alfredo sauce, drown my stress in ice cream and yet still lose 70lbs 64lbs.

Guess it’s back to exercise and following the Nutrisystem plan!

Eating this Week

I have gone off plan quite a bit this week.   Not to binge on “cheat” foods necessarily, but sometimes to eat what I cooked for the family for dinner and others to skip the recommended meals or portions of them.  For example one night I had chicken tortilla soup for dinner instead of the Nutrisystem dinner and a few days this week I only ate the Nutrisystem breakfast item without adding the protein and fruit to it that is recommended.

I’m finding that my energy levels haven’t been as good and I’m feeling dissatisfied.  I was much more content when I actually followed the plan more closely and ate the vegetables, fruit and protein at the meals they recommend.  Imagine that!  Their recommendations have a point to them!  :)

This week I plan to follow the NS plan and to finish 3 days of Couch to 5K.  What are you goals?

Weekly Weight Loss Tip:

Fill yourself up with vegetables and fruit and water.  Don’t skip meals.  Add a low calorie snack in the afternoon.

How did you do with your goals this week? 

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15 Responses to Weight Loss ~ Empty the Trunk #NSnation

  1. Daria,
    a. That’s exactly what I do with ice cream when I eat it. Drown stress. Had to laugh.

    b. Do you do interval workout? Supposed to be better than running and take less time. I will send you info on it if you are interested and don’t already know it!

    who enjoyed this post and love the horse pic!

  2. Congrats! 6 lbs is nothing to sneeze at girl. My plan is to kick start a two week exercise plan. I downloaded one I’m doing with a bunch of online friends. Let’s DO this!

    • I agree Rajean – let’s do it! I went jogging yesterday – even with the handicap of my 3you begging to come too and promising “I WILL keep up Mom, I promise I will!” She didn’t quite – was on her bike and it got difficult when we got in the dirt road (muddy from the snow), but I got my 14min jog in before that. And this AM I did pushups and situps…plus followed the plan yesterday! On the right track! Share your two week exercise plan so we can get some ideas! :)

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