Myers Briggs ~ Interpreting the Personality Test

Part I – Myers Briggs Introvert vs. Extrovert

Have you ever had the opportunity to take the Myers Briggs evaluation?  I have taken it twice now and am still amazed that so much insight into who I am and how I approach problem solving can be determined just by answering a few questions.

There are four items that comprise your results.  My personal Myers Brigg is INTJ.  For each of those letters, there is an alternative.  The categories are:

  1. Introvert or Extrovert
  2. INtuitive or Sensing
  3. Thinking or Feeling
  4. Judging or Perceiving

Therefore, my complete opposite would be ESFP.

The category that people seem most familiar with is the first one – Introvert or Extrovert – so I’ll start there and then work my way through the others in subsequent posts.

I don’t know about you, but I always had a picture in my head that an Introvert was a shy, wallflower that was intimidated by people.  Alternatively, my “picture” of an Extrovert is gregarious, social, and loud.

Per the executive coaching I’ve had and various leadership programs – that isn’t how it works.  You could be at a party and an Introvert and an Extrovert could behave exactly the same way.  You would not necessarily be able to identify which was which by watching their behavior.

However, after the party is a different story.

The Introvert will head home and want alone time in order to recharge his internal battery.

The Extrovert will be asking everyone where the after party is going to be because he is so energized after spending the last few hours in a group of people.

And to be fair, if you watched VERY carefully, you may be able to pick them out.  The Introvert will gravitate toward more one-on-one conversations and seek a deeper connection to the person with whom they are speaking.

The Extrovert will likely be found in a group of people regaling them with details of his life.

More information can be found at the Myers and Briggs Foundation.  And in these posts:

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I’d really appreciate some feedback to understand how widely understood is the Myers Briggs.  Is this news to you?  Or did you already know this?

Also, which are you?  Extrovert or Introvert?  How do you know?

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13 Responses to Myers Briggs ~ Interpreting the Personality Test

  1. I think I have the same Myers Briggs profile! (I used to work as an employment counsellor and had all kinds of tests done.)

    One of the reasons I love being online is that it’s changed the way we network – for the better for introverts, I think.

    • I have only been using twitter since July and I have loved it for that reason! I feel like I can make really solid connections with people and yet haven’t left my comfort zone…. Well, except that I had drinks with a new twitter friend last night and that was completely out of my norm. Loved it and her though, so… all good things. I am very glad that you stopped by and I hope to chat with you some more. My site is very much a hodge podge of “mom” stuff – some work, some recipes, some kid things… hope that is interesting to you! :)

      • The mom stuff is definitely interesting! I’ve recently started working for a company called Cymax in a copywriting and social media role. I’m tweeting for Lusso Baby and Cymax Baby and looking after their FB pages. So I’ve been getting a crash course in all things mom and baby – which is how I came across your blog :)

  2. Hi Daria! This is a great one. I think many people have the same idea that you had. I did. About 15 years ago, I was a sales trainer at the home office of Sanofi (pharma) in KC, MO. I am very outgoing, that job was a great fit for me. A collegue of mine came into one of my classes with a segment on interpersonal skills… She asked the class, “Do you think Brian is an introvert or extravert?” I answered the same way the entire class did, extravert. She told us we were all wrong. She has her PhD is communications (street cred) and told us what you just shared, “It is determined by how you charge your batteries.” I need quiet and quality… That was a great learning experience for me and it stuck. I love sharing that story because most people believe what you and I did before we learned our lesson! thanks, B

  3. Thank you for stopping by Brian. I thought you may relate to this article! :) Yep, this was news to me too. I actually just met with my coach yesterday and he took it further. Because I am only a 4 on the scale, I can recharge on both sides of the scale depending on the day… weird. I was wondering though, bc I felt revved up after a few social things lately, but still wanted quiet reading time at home too…

    People are fascinating, don’t you think?

  4. No wonder we get along! I’m an INTJ too!

    This is not news to me, but mainly b/c I started paying attention to how I reacted to social situations. It can be fairly confusing, even for yourself.

    For example, I am close to the introvert/extrovert line, but definitely feel more introverted. I find networking utterly exhausting. I am also fairly shy, but can hide it pretty well, due to a fair amount of confidence in other areas of my life. As my experience at BlogWorld confirms, I prefer to get to know people more deeply than the typical extrovert.

    What made this so hard to interpret is how I view activities like teaching. I absolutely love to teach and find THAT activity energizing. I think b/c it’s closer to acting than it is socializing.

    Fun post, Daria. And an important one too. You really must understand how you approach this if you want to be successful at career design.

    • Thanks for sharing! Apparently, ENTJ are the type most often successful as Fortune 500 company executives, or executives in general. INTJ’s (me) are best suited to be scientists… I’m not sure where I saw that table, I should try to find it again…

  5. ENFP. I took the test several times throughout high school and college.

    I have no idea what that says about me…but I know I love people, I love programming, and I can relate to both…which is not very common.

    I do know that Extroverts need to be careful to listen in situations and engage in a permissive way, rather than being overbearing.

    Great post Daria!

    • You are almost my complete opposite! We do overlap on N – so we can relate during brainstorming, creative thinking etc. However, you are energized by being with people, typically make decisions based on feelings instead of logic, and I’m not sure about the P. That one is the one I least understand – other than it means Persuader vs. Judging.

      Regardless, YES, you are definitely a people person based upon those results!!

      I’m curious, do you interact with people a lot for your job? Have you found a good fit for your preferred style?

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