Weight Loss Weigh In ~ #NSnation

Weight Loss Weigh In ~ #NSnation

lose weightMy weight loss weigh in for 10/31 to 11/6.

Running Program

Remember that whole jumping back into running I vowed last week?  It lasted for 2 hours.  I did go jogging on Sunday, but then I got a head cold (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it) and didn’t go running again last week.  I did some pushups and situps on Monday per a suggestion by Sam from A Spoonful of Sugar.  But for the past 5 days.  Nada.

Weight Loss

Not surprising from my choices the past week (lack of exercise and eating tons), I gained weight.

  • I gained 1.0 lbs.
  • Total weight loss = -5.0 pounds.
  • First goal = Lose 10 pounds (5.0 to go)

No excuses.  I ate too much and didn’t move enough.


My weight gain is not due to the Nutrisystem plan.  In fact, it’s because I basically ignored the plan this week and binged on mashed potatoes and Halloween candy.   Most of this is just my lack of willpower and that I wasn’t feeling well so comforted myself with high carbs and sweets.  But part is due to my struggle eating completely different meals than my family because of Nutrisystem.  I cook baked chicken and mashed potatoes and I want some of them.  I tried a new recipe from my Organized Cook meal plan and I wanted to eat some of it.  When I stick to the Nutrisystem plan I lose weight, but I have to keep myself motivated to do it.

Psychology of Weight Loss

You would think seeing my 70lb 65lb too heavy body would be enough motivation wouldn’t you?  I wonder why I keep slipping into self defeating habits?  Do I not think I deserve to have a kickass body?  Do I not want to enjoy being slim while my body is still relatively firm?  Before I’m too old to really enjoy it?

I will be 38 next week.  No matter how skinny a 90 year old woman’s legs are, they simply don’t have traffic stopping potential.  Yes, I still have a few years before I’m 90, but I am definitely on the downward end of attractive body years.  If I don’t shape up now, then I’ll miss this window of being able to strut my stuff.  Plus, I need to earn a living and fit women earn more than heavy ones.   I need to look my best in these critical earning potential years.

There are multiple reasons why I should want to be fit – none why I would want to remain fat.  So what is the mental block already?

Enough excuses.  Enough self defeating thoughts and behaviors.  This week I WILL exercise 3 times and I will lose weight.  Those are my goals.

What are yours?

Weekly Weight Loss Tip:

Here’s the magic formula we’ve all been chasing:  Eat Less Calories + Move More = Lose Weight.

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  1. I saw this saying today and it’s so true to me..

    Living a healthy lifestyle takes a tone of self discipline.
    But the greather the challenge the greater the reward!

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