Baked Macaroni n Cheese

Baked Macaroni n Cheese

macaroni and cheese recipe
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Today’s recipe – Baked Macaroni-n-cheese – is the fourth recipe in our fabulous Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes Series.

This recipe is brought to us by Jamie from The Denver Housewife and describes how to make an all time family favorite – mac-n-cheese.  This isn’t the Kraft blue box recipe, but the old fashioned homemade macaroni and cheese.  Thick, rich, delicious!  I always try to have something like this on our menu so that there is something I know all the kids will like.

Bio:  Jamie is a stay at home mom that blogs about the typical Mommy Blogger topics, but also switches it up with posts about deals, coupons, product reviews, denver reviews, and giveaways.   Her giveaways are some of the best around – check out this current giveaway for a $200 Target gift card!

Make sure to connect with her on facebook and twitter too.

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Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving recipe?  

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