Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe #8:  Broccoli & Cauliflower Casserole

Favorite Thanksgiving Recipe #8: Broccoli & Cauliflower Casserole

broccoli casserole recipe
courtesy of Two Hands Two Feet

Today’s recipe – Broccoli & Cauliflower Casserole –  is the eighth recipe in our fabulous Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes Series.

This recipe is brought to us by Susan from Two Hands and Two Feet.  It’s a yummy combination of broccoli, cauliflower, rice and cheese.  My kids would love it!  Plus it would get some veggies into them.  This is also a great dish to offer for any vegetarians that may be joining you for the holidays.  It’s rich and tasty, but completely meat free.

Bio:  Susan Wells is the mom to two girls, ages 6 and 10.  She enjoys enriching her daughters’ education by finding the learning in everything. They especially enjoy science and hands-on activities. She works as a blogger and social media strategist and loves finding activities and experiences that are off the beaten path.   She can be found blogging on TwoHandsTwoFeet.com,SteveSpangler.com and MileHighMamas.com.

Make sure to connect with Susan on Twitter  and Facebook too.

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Do you have a favorite Thanksgiving recipe?  

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