Earn FREE Money for Your School with Box Tops

Box Tops for Education

You know I am all about supporting our schools whenever possible.  I especially like finding ways to help that doesn’t take any time or money from me.

Box tops is one of those ways you can help.  Clip them off of your groceries (Betty Crocker, Progresso, and more) then just turn them in to your school.  If you don’t have kids in school, then give them to a neighbor with kids or your nieces and nephews.

Each one is worth TEN cents!  That’s a dime you are throwing away that could be helping our local schools if you don’t clip them out.

Plus your kids can win great prizes – like Disney on Ice Tickets  for the kid that turns in the most box tops which we are doing at my kids’ school.

With very little effort, our school raised $1,500 last year from collecting box tops.  Imagine how much money that adds up to when you add every schools’ funds together!

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