Guiltless Pleasure Pies ~ #Review & Giveaway

Guiltless Pleasure Pies ~ #Review & Giveaway

diet dessertMy family and I were excited to try these low calorie pies.  Ok, well maybe I was more excited than my kids since I’m on a mission t0 lose weight, but say dessert to my kids and they get excited too!

We tried the coconut creme pie and the milk chocolate flavors.  They were good!  I mean you’re not going to get the thick texture of a cake, or the richness of a brownie, but the flavors are good and there wasn’t a “diet” aftertaste.

My husband is the artificial sweetener bloodhound – tastes it every time – and he didn’t notice (had 3 slices!).

Want to know more?

Guiltless Pleasure Desserts is a low calorie dessert line that is sweetened with a natural sweetener that doesn’t have an aftertaste. We give you a dessert that will satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time taste like a regular dessert without all the sugar. Only takes 4 minutes to make with low fat milk. We pride ourselves on large portions that will satisfy your sweet taste cravings, while reducing calories by 75%.We help you cut out all the sugar out and leave you guiltless!


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