Cool Gear Product Review & Giveaway

Cool Gear Product Review & Giveaway

water bottlesI received 3 different types of water bottles from Cool Gear to review.  They are ALL BPA free.

• Double wall design
• Clear with colored band and straw
• Reusable

• Keeps drinks cold
• Squeezable material
• Non-toxic freezer gel

• Made with Tritan™ material from Eastman Chemical Company
• Keeps drinks cold
• Non-toxic freezer gel
• Shatter resistant
• Hand wash freezer stick (all other parts are dishwasher safe, top shelf only)

My favorite is the chiller.  I love having a straw.  For some reason it makes the water go down more easily so I drink more of it.  I also like that the straw has a lip built in so it won’t come out of the lid when the lid is on the bottle.  I hate to say how many times I’ve lost the straw and had to buy a whole new water bottle just because I need a new straw.

Don’t tell my kids or my mother in law, but they are getting the other water bottles for Christmas.  The kids pack was $4.99 for the TWO pack.  It’s a very affordable price and our kids always need water bottles for school and sports.  I know my mother in law will appreciate getting a new water bottle too – plus one with the freezer core to keep her drinks cold!

I know giving water bottles for a gift may sound a little like giving socks or underwear.  It is very practical.  But I love getting new socks and underwear.  It feels so indulgent to me for some reason.  I’m thinking the water bottles will feel the same way.

Want a chance to win all of these bottles for yourself?   Go ahead and enter to win!  Only the comment is mandatory, but the other options will give you more entries aka more chances to win.


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