Battling the Holiday Bulge #NSNation

Battling the Holiday Bulge #NSNation

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My weight loss weigh in for 11/21 to 12/4.

Confession Time

I am stepping up to the plate and fessing up.  I screwed up.  I was on a roll losing weight.  I had lost 9 lbs, was sooo close to my first goal of 10 pounds lost.  I started doing math in my head – “if I lose 2lbs a week every week until Christmas I’ll weigh x, and if I lose 3lbs a week I’ll weigh y.  Even if I only lose 1 pound a week by summer I’ll weigh z.”

Then it’s like I already thought I’d lost all that weight.  I got cocky or felt indulgent or stupid something and threw it all away.  Not just indulgent for one day, shake it off and get right back at it.  Nope.  For 10 days (Thanksgiving week and beyond), I let myself eat and drink whatever I wanted.  Whatever I wanted did not include spinach salads and water, more like 20 pounds of potatoes washed down with wine.  A complete abandonment of my Nutrisystem  plan.

The result was that I gained 4 pounds.  Not only did I gain 4 pounds, but I was so embarrassed about my gluttony lapse that I didn’t blog last Sunday with my weekly weigh in post.  It was a wake up call for me.


I am definitely sabotaging myself.  As soon as I get a little bit ahead, I do something to totally undermine my progress.  And this can’t be chalked up to indulging a craving.  One bowl of mashed potatoes would have been fine – two bowls a day for 5 days? Not fine.

I know that eating carbs causes your body to produce dopamine (a happiness hormone).  I know that I’ve been stressed and depressed for forever a while now. I can logically see that I’ve been craving carbs (and eating them) to counter my emotions.  I can also see that I’m hiding behind my weight, using it as an excuse for a variety of things.

My friend Joann wrote a fabulous post about her weight loss journey with before and after pictures.  She wrote about the excuses we make for our weight, all the tricks we use to hide our body and double chin in photos, and that her kids no longer make little jokes about her weight.  I related to all of it.

I don’t want my 3 year old to pat my butt and tell me what a big butt I have any more.  I don’t want to think about how I’m standing, or god forbid sitting, when a picture’s being taken.  I don’t want to take a deep breath to gather my courage before taking my cover up off at the pool.  I don’t want to be fat any more.

So I need some new thoughts in my head, some new emotions to work toward, some new ways to think about myself.  I’m starting with this self talk, but would love any suggestions of other sayings to remember and repeat to myself until I believe them!

  • I deserve to be attractive.
  • I deserve to be proud of my body.
  • I deserve to look forward to buying clothes and going to the beach.
  • It is time to become the person I want to be – both inside and outside.

Wish me luck! And please remind me of this post when I have weeks that I gain weight.  I know there will be a few, but hopefully you can help me jump right back on the wagon to that beach body I envision.

By the way, I followed the Nutrisystem plan for the past 3 days and lost a pound already.  I’m telling you this system works!

  • Total weight loss to date – 6 pounds.
  • First goal 10 pounds (4 lbs to go).

Weekly Weight Loss Tip:

Identify the emotions that you’re feeling when you head to the pantry or the fridge.  What can you do to overcome those emotions to prevent eating as a compensator?

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11 Responses to Battling the Holiday Bulge #NSNation

  1. Daria, I am so proud of you. The reality is we all fall off the wagon. Anyone who doesn’t isn’t really building a lifestyle they can continue. Instead they’re just ‘sacrificing’ themselves and then will go back to old habits when they hit that magic number. Nope. Instead, you’re finding out what lifestyle things you do and recognizing how you can and will change them to make sure the weight stays off. I know you’ll do it, and 6 pounds so far is nothing to be sneezed at!! You rock!

  2. I’m slowly learning that the secret to this journey is that I can’t think of it as being on a diet. I really have to change my lifestyle… the way I eat and my exercise (or lack thereof)… if I want results that will last.
    You CAN do this Daria, and you DO deserve to be happy with your body. (Hugs)

    • Thanks Le’Ann – that’s it exactly. I need to stop looking forward and really start living in the food moment – what are my choices going to be right now? Forget calculating what I’ll weigh in 6 months – that will come if I make good choices each meal.

  3. Its ok. We all slip. Kudos for getting right back on track. I’m definitely a self sabatuer!!!
    One way to help me not slip up is to do the math. To gain 4lbs means we ate 12,000 calories. If I burn an average of 300 cals per workout that’s a lot of extra time needed to work off the extra 12,000 cals!
    You can do it. !! We are all cheering you on!

    • Thanks Susie! That’s what I’ve been telling myself too. I’ve done the workout calorie calcs, also the it will take me 3 weeks of no progress just to get back to where I was – gained 4lbs, lose 2lbs a week. I could have been 6lbs lighter for the same time period that it will take me to get back to where I was. And two of those weeks I’ll be paying attention – could have just kept on track and that same effort would have been toward my goal rather than just making up for a bad week.

      I CAN do this. I WILL do this. Especially with such great support. Thank YOU!

  4. Daria – You are very courageous to ‘fess up but really you have nothing to be ashamed of. The reality is that a healthier body (notice I didn’t say anything about weight) is a journey. You didn’t #fail. Actually you’ve learned some pretty important lessons so far about portion control (key), reframing your thoughts (I deserve to have the body I want), building a network of support (this blog), and consistent commitment (One or two cheat meals, okay. Five days of cheat meals… maybe not so okay). So you gained a few lbs this week. Not ideal but it’s done and won’t happen again. That’s behind you and you get to start fresh, today, right now. Go ahead and claim your “do over”. Remember to celebrate the small victories as well as the big ones. The weight WILL come off, maybe not in the timeframe that you dream it will but it WILL happen. Keep at it. You can do it.

    • You’re a fabulous support Portia! Thank you so much for framing this so well for me. You are right – each lesson learned is one step forward. Thank you!

    • Thanks Vanessa! It’s a two steps forward, one step back kinda journey for me for sure… Hoping I can shake myself and make it all forward steps!

      • Ummm . . . I would look that up hahah . But I know that you could lose 5 10 pounds a week by exericzing, eating right(Its ok to have a snake now and then) and drink LOTS of water :*)

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