Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

pretty girlMy daughter turned 10 years old today.  I’m not quite sure why, but being double digits is exciting for her – almost as good as I remember 16 and 21 to be.

I remember quite clearly when I conceived her, seeing the two lines on the pregnancy test, watching her foot draw circles in my belly, reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting and finding out the day she developed fingernails and eyelashes.

I remember how smelling dirty dishes would make me nauseated, that my husband called in the troops (grandma) and bought a dishwasher because he had to do all the dishes when I was pregnant.

I remember that I didn’t have any cravings, but that I did drink a liter of strawberry milk every day on my way to work and haven’t before or after (yes, my husband has pointed out this is the definition of a craving).

I remember putting on make-up and asking my husband to take my picture before we left for the hospital because I wanted to document the absolute biggest I ever got (which is 30 lbs less than I currently weigh).


I remember the midwives telling us to go walk the mall until my contractions were 5min apart for over an hour.  I remember my husband not wanting to go into any of the stores because he was afraid my water would break in the store, so we just wandered the halls.

I remember finally being admitted to the hospital the 3rd time we went in to get checked, and the 4 page birth plan I wrote that got thrown out the window after 16 hours of labor when the pain actually started to set in.

I remember blessed relief when the epidural was administered and being able to laugh with my husband and delivery nurse about how UN sexy labor and birth were.  Even asking my husband how he had ever seen this and wanted to have sex again (I have 2 stepsons).

I remember the absolute shock on my husband’s face when our daughter was born and he realized he could in fact father girls.   I also remember the absolute love and adoration on his face once he got over his shock that he had a daughter.

daddy's girlI remember how adorable she was and all the people that would stop us in stores and on streets to comment on her appearance.

chunky babyI remember all the nook she drank (aka milk) and how blessed we were that she was healthy and happy.  I remember the first day she met her brothers, the first day of preschool, the first time she broke her arm.  I remember her brother bringing her as his show and tell in Kindergarten and how he carried her around and showed her off to all his classmates.

I remember a lot, but I know I’ve forgotten some too.  I can’t remember what her sweet baby breathe smelled like, or what her first bike looked like.  I don’t remember the first time she ate pizza or rode roller blades.  Heck, I can’t even remember her 1st grade teacher’s name and she’s only in 4th grade now!

Before I forget any more, I want to capture who my baby girl is today – on her 10th birthday.

Jaeda is beautiful – an absolutely stunning young woman.  Sometimes I see her and do a double take because I am just floored with her physical beauty.

She is smart.  She is so smart that everything academic comes too easily to her and therefore she doesn’t value it.  She takes for granted that she gets things twice as quickly as others, that her brain just understands things more quickly than her friends.  She doesn’t realize what a gift she has intellectually.

Jaeda is socially driven.  She loves people and friends and to talk.  She is a definite extrovert and gains energy from being with people.

She is a natural leader.  Other kids are drawn to her and look up to her to guide them.  Her teacher last year asked her to recognize the influence she has over the other kids and use that leadership to guide them in positive directions versus negative ones.   I can’t relate to this talent of hers.  I was always the nerdy, honor roll student with my one BFF.  Jaeda is on track to being Homecoming Queen and head cheerleader.

She’s is a natural athlete.

soccer kick

She loves soccer and diving and basketball.  She’s even decided she wants to be a professional soccer player / rock star when she’s an adult.  She’s gone so far as to ask me to get an agent for her!

Jaeda loves her sister, tolerates her younger brother, idolizes her older brothers, and has a minimum of 5 best friends on any given day.

She loves to sing, to watch the Wizards of Waverly Place and Hannah Montana, and to put on makeup.  She asked for a flatiron for her birthday last year and uses it much more adeptly than I!

She is fashion conscious and looks to make a statement with her clothes – usually the statement is that she’s 5 years older than her actual age of 10 (hence the disagreement about her style).

She is sweet and friendly and has the world at her feet.  I am in awe of her natural talents and leadership potential and can’t wait to see what the world has in store for her.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!  I love you very much.

11 Responses to Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

  1. Happy birthday Jaeda!!!! I am so excited to watch my son grow up. She’s beautiful! I love the rock star/soccer player combo!!

    • Thanks Bianca! They are too funny with their dreams and aspirations – wish that never had to change. A professional soccer player / rock star sounds like a pretty spiffy profession to me! :)

  2. Excellent. I still have her in my mind as about 4, with all her gorgeous curly hair. I’m so glad you appreciate her and love her so. Happy, happy birthday, Jaeda.

    • Thanks Aunt Pete! She wanted straight hair for a few years, but is finally coming around to realizing how fabulous her naturally curly hair is – thank goodness! What I wouldn’t give for hair like hers. :)

    • Thanks Blessing! Enjoy your daughter and take lots of pictures while she’s young. I have a hard time realizing Jaeda isn’t still a toddler like yours – went SO quickly!

  3. The time sure does go by fast & some day you’ll be looking at that baby in a prom dress, wedding dress & then holding her own baby! Cherish every moment now because one days you’ll be missing that beautiful naked baby girl so much that your arms will ache & she’ll be standing right in front of you. I know I miss all four of my babies, and now I’m rocking their babies, but they make me just as happy too! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR SWEETIE!

    • Thanks so much for commenting! I can already see the next steps – her first car, her first boyfriend, graduating high school, then college, getting married, then babies… I look forward to it all, but you are right, I miss that warm little person that could fit on my chest and sleep for hours cuddling with me. I imagine I’ll have different things from different ages that I look back on and miss – but I also can’t wait to see where she goes in life. It’s a mixed blessing, isn’t it?

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