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treadmillMy weight loss weigh in for 12/12 to 12/18

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I had a great weight loss week.  One where I followed the Nutrisystem  plan more closely – although not to the tee.  I did have happy hour one night with drinks and appetizers and also had dinner and wine at a friend’s house.  But the majority of the time I stuck to the Nutrisystem plan.

I also exercised.  I ran on my treadmill 3 times with increasing times each day – up to 12min, walk 3min, jog 5min, walk 3, jog 5min.  I’m slowly getting back to week 6 of Couch to 5K.

The result?  I lost 3.2 pounds.

  • Total weight loss to date – 6.0 pounds.
  • First goal 10 pounds (4.0 lbs to go).

I also tried 3 of Nutrisystem’s new Chef’s Table creations.  I loved the Moroccan chicken one.  The new meals are more gourmet than past ones and really have amped up flavor.  I didn’t care for the citrus glazed pork, but then again I don’t like ham and pineapple pizza and this was a variation on that theme.   Like any recipes, some will appeal to your taste buds and some won’t.  Meanwhile another person I know liked that one and not the Moroccan chicken one.  The beauty of Nutrisystem is that I get to choose my menu so can tailor it to the flavors I like.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the choices when they are revealed.

I am considering making a list of my favorite choices from Nutrisystem – everyone keeps asking about the food and if it tastes good.  Would you be interested in a list of my favorites?

Weight Loss Goals

For this coming week my goals are to

  • exercise 3 times,
  • follow Nutrisystem closely, and
  • lose weight.

My motivation is the fat bulge over my bra strap.  Ick!

Weekly Weight Loss Tip:

Find an exercise that you enjoy that will become a staple in your life.  If you overdo it or force yourself to do something you dislike, you won’t keep it up long term.  The goal is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix that you’ll start to resent and ultimately quit.

How did your week go?

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