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So, there are two clear ways to improve your financial situation.  One is to spend less money.  The other is to make more money.  Either of these increases your net balance at the end of the month, right?  I am of the opinion that you should try to do both.  I have posted a few tips on how to save (and will write more) and have posted about various *steals* that I have found.  This article is about the other end of the spectrum…how to earn MORE.   

One of the ways that you can make some pocket change, or mad money, is to write articles for various sites that pay for them.  Some sites/manufacturers ask you to write a review of a product and then pay you for it.  That’s not what I am talking about. 

What I mean, is writing about something you are passionate about – education, food, parenting, etc. – and if you are a decent writer, you can earn some extra money.  This is not going to pay your mortgage, but it may buy you that cute sweater you’ve been eyeing. 

There are two sites that I’ve come across recently. 

  1. Examiner.com.
  2. Guru.com

Do you know of any others? Add your idea for making some extra pocket money to this list and Link it to your site!

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