Superbowl Snacks – Football Cookie Balls Recipe

Superbowl Snacks – Football Cookie Balls Recipe

football cookies recipe


This was my first attempt at making these adorable football shaped cookies.  What I learned from this first try?  Melted chocolate chips are not the same as melted Baker’s chocolate.  If you use the actual Baker’s chocolate (as called for) I think the chocolate will be smoother and the cookies will look better than mine turned out.  But even with a few bumps, these were super cute and delicious!

**Makes 40 cookies.


cookie ingredients

  • 6oz softened cream cheese (or use Neufchatel cheese to reduce the fat)
  • 15 oz of finely crushed vanilla or chocolate creme cookies (like Oreos) – try them in a food processor or blender to get them really crushed
  • 2 packages (16 squares total) Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate (melted)
  • 1 tbsp white icing


  • Mix cream cheese and cookie crumbs.

superbowl snacks

  • Shape into 40 (1-inch) football shapesfootball cookies recipe
  • Freeze for 10 minutes.
  • Dip cookie balls into melted chocolate, place on wax paper lined pansuperbowl snacks
  • Use icing to draw “laces” on the cookies.  **Quick tip – using a ziploc bag, cut a small hole out of one corner and voila!  instant icing applicator.

icing frosting


  • Refrigerate for 1 hour.

**Recipe inspired by Nabisco recipe flyer.

What are you serving for the Superbowl? 


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