Thought Provoking Thursday ~ It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s SuperMOM!

Thought Provoking Thursday ~ It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s SuperMOM!

super mom balanceA Day in the Life of SuperMom

Dress quietly so as not to wake the rest of the house, grab the dog and head out for a run.  Tomorrow is a bike ride and the day after a swim since you’re training for a  triathlon.

Bake 24, better make it 30, homemade gluten free cookies for the class party.

While the shower is getting hot and cookies are baking, scour pinterest for an uber cute homemade teacher gift and while there find a pattern to sew pajamas for Christmas morning and a craft to do with the kids for family bonding.

Put on a suit – not too masculine but not too girly.  Add makeup – not like a hooker too much and not like a wallflower too little.  Find matching shoes – not ankle breaking or street walking height too tall and not grandma’s too low.  Head to work to earn at least as much income as hubs and likely more.

On the way to work, stop at the local women’s shelter and drop off a box of food that you purchased with your super savvy couponing skills (after scanning labels for whole grains and low sodium).  Also for donation is a box of clothes that no longer fit you because you’ve gotten so thin with your new running and workout regime.

Kick butt at work while being gracious, but not a push over, and assertive, but not a bitch.

Suggest 5 ways to improve revenue, staff morale, and products while winning friends and influencing people – all with a smile on your face.

Eat rabbit food lunch at a committee meeting for the non-profit of which you are President.

Stop on the way home from work and pick up supplies for the science fair project, groceries for the week, and to sign your middle child up for baseball.

Come home and whip up a gourmet meal that is nutritious, everyone will eat and won’t break the grocery budget.  When you discover it, let me know won’t you?

While dinner is cooking, throw in a load of laundry and take a disinfecting wipe to table tops and door knobs. If time allows, mop or vacuum.

Figure out which child needs to be where.  Arrange with other parents to take one of them because you can only be 2 places at once and there are 3 kids that have places to go.  Get all the kids dressed in the respective gear they need. Check to make sure it isn’t your snack night.

On the way to child #2’s practice, answer call from your girlfriend asking if you want to get together for a glass of wine this weekend.  Pull up Google Calendar and suggest a date in 5 weeks when it looks like you have a free hour on that Thursday before City Council.

Take emergency call from work that needs to be solved immediately.  Compose an international treaty on your smartphone in the 10 minutes you have before kids are done with practice, save the world, ok maybe just the company, from demise.

Pick up children from practices, swing by the post office to mail off gifts to friends and family on your way home.  Get homework done, teeth brushed, smell kids’ breath to make sure teeth brushing has occurred, and tuck kids in bed.

Start your wrinkle banishing beauty routine, cleanse, pluck, scrub, wax, moisturize, repeat.

Throw on some sexy lingerie, light some candles and prove to hubs you are still a sex goddess and totally unchanged by having 3 large babies grow in and birth from your body (that’s why the candles).

After you’ve exhausted him While hubs is sleeping, switch the laundry, clean the kitchen, feed the dogs, and finally sit down with your glass of wine and computer.

Connect with friends on twitter or facebook.  Your conversation spurs an idea for a fabulous business venture, so you register your LLC online that night and draft your business plan.

Before going to bed you update your iPod playlist to include some Whitney Houston tunes in homage to her talent, iron clothes for the next day at work, make sure the cub scout shirt and soccer uniform are washing so you can put them in the dryer in the morning and finally lay down to read a few chapters on your Kindle before finally closing your eyes.

Origin of SuperMOM Generation

I know I’m not alone.  I know there are a lot of women in my generation that feel the pressure to do it all and be it all to everyone.  We’ve learned to add a need for “me” time to the list of hats we wear, but I don’t believe we’ve learned to let go of any hats.  Not as a group anyway.  It got me thinking about the circumstances that defined this generation of women and I have a theory.  Let me know what you think…

The generation that is currently in executive positions were born to women that grew up in the 1950’s.  Our moms were all children when 66% percent of women didn’t work.  I would imagine a large part of that was due to being stay at home moms.  Remember Leave it to Beaver?  That was the ideal our parents were raised with for a mom – dinner waiting, cookies baked, house immaculate, husband pleased… basically a domestic goddess.

But although our parents’ formative years were spent in a traditional household, they continued on to be teenagers / young 20’s during the 60’s.  Strong feminist influences, sexual independence, and an interest in human rights / stopping the Vietnam war / and bettering global conditions.

To recap, our moms were taught to:

  • Domestic Goddess
  • Sexual Diva
  • Strong Worker
  • Active in Charities

Is it any wonder then that we, their daughters, have been raised with the message that we need to do it all?  I’ll dub us the SuperMom generation.

What do you think?

Do you feel pressure to be a SuperMOM?  

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5 Responses to Thought Provoking Thursday ~ It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s SuperMOM!

  1. I’m exhausted reading this. I’m not sure we can “have all” and “be all” to everyone. Do you really feel like you can? Most certainly I am in awe of all that you do.

    I was raised by a single working mom and I was determined when we found out we were pregnant to do something different. I’m now a full time SAHM. My husband was also raised in a two working parent environment and was not completely on board with our decision at first.

  2. You are so right on all of this. Compared to this SuperMom, I’m SlackerMom!

    I compromise in a lot of ways. I run my house on a need-to-have basis — laundry is done the night before the basketball uniform is needed. I don’t stay ahead on ANYTHING.

    We donate lots of toys and clothes that the kids lose from our Love&Logic style of parenting (oh, so sad you left that out and it disappeared). That’s my charity contribution.

    Strong worker? Well, here I am perusing the best of the Internet between work tasks.

    Sexual diva? Mama never tole me nuttin bout dat.

    • LOL – you guys make me feel better. To set your mind at ease, this is not what my day looks like – but I must admit I feel like I SHOULD be doing all those things. To find balance in my life I:

    • Never bake for school parties – kids don’t seem to care and it’s just not worth it. Although I do volunteer in them.
    • Never make teacher gifts or sew – I find a $5 Starbuck’s gift card is much appreciated and takes me 5 minutes to pick up.
    • I donate, but when it’s convenient to me – often through school or scouts sponsored collections.
    • I am NOT training for a marathon or triathlon and scoff at the idea of waking up early to run. I am trying to train for a 5K, but that involves jogging 3 days a week for 30minutes.
    • I am not working full time anymore, so that definitely takes a ton of weight off, but I will admit to having a conference call at 3am for a client in Abu Dhabi (ONCE only).
    • I have given up any positions on boards although I’d love to run for City Council.
    • I am never ahead of time and may or may not have spot cleaned uniforms more than once because they weren’t cleaned.
    • I feel like I should do all the things I listed above and I have had one or two days that looked like this, but I’m slowly learning that it’s just not worth it and I have to pick my battles, or activities as it were.

      Anyone else feel like they SHOULD be doing the above though? Or maybe it’s just me…

  3. Hi Daria-
    Very nice to meet you through Colorado bloggy moms. And thanks for the tips (your nice addendum)…things I will have to remember as my little guy gets into the school years.

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