Support Gay Marriage / Oppose Sexual Offenders ~ Shopping for What You Believe

Support Gay Marriage / Oppose Sexual Offenders ~ Shopping for What You Believe

Do you put your money where your mouth is politics are?

Personally, I like to think that my actions do support my beliefs and that I’m not just all talk and no action.  However, a few trending topics on social media have made me question whether my actions are dependent on direct benefits to me rather than purely to be true to my beliefs.

I encourage you to follow along and evaluate the correlation between your own beliefs / actions.

Gay Rights – Ellen & JCPenney

The past few years have been rife with headlines about gay marriage.  Some states passed legislation to support gay marriage rights, others oppose it and both sides are incredibly vocal and passionate.  It is definitely a hot topic and highly controversial.

Personally, I support gay marriage.  Two people love each other – who am I to say they shouldn’t?  The world would be a better place with more love in it and less hate.

Read on if you want more logic…

gay rights marriage

Marriage is a legal contract (think back to feudal days when dowry’s, land, annual incomes were included in the marriage contract) and although a religious ceremony is often combined, it is not necessary for a marriage (hence courthouse weddings).   Heck, the whole concept of an engagement ring is a symbol of the spouse’s financial ability to support the family.  A marriage is about two people choosing to build a life together and financially support each other and any children that come to the relationship.  Why should a couple’s sex affect their ability to enter into this contract?

Regardless, I support gay marriage & other gay rights issues.

This Sunday, there will be a shop in at JCPenney to show support for JCP’s recent decision to stand up to organizations pressuring them to remove Ellen DeGeneres as the JCP spokesperson.   Deb Rox wrote an amazing post - a must read.  Thank you Cecily K for bringing it to my attention via twitter.


Although I haven’t been into JCP in years, I will be there on Sunday.  Easy way to put my money where my politics are…

So why do I question if I truly support my beliefs?

Sexual Offenders – Sunflower Farmer’s Market

I love Sunflower Market.  I go every week for my produce and also for their fabulous chicken sausage (when at my stock up price of $1.99/lb).   It is healthy food and the prices can’t be beat – this week asparagus is only $0.97 a pound!

My Conundrum

Today a reader brought to my attention that the founder and CEO of Sunflower Market was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting a minor for sex.   He hasn’t been proven guilty and has resigned as CEO, but it seems like a fairly open and shut case. (He was caught as part of a police sting that caught 8 others too.)

The problem is that I don’t want to stop shopping at Sunflower Market.  It saves my family money and the produce is wonderful.

But if I were truly putting my money where my beliefs lie, I would stop lining this man’s pockets shopping at Sunflower Market.  I am positive that for some of you this is a no-brainer decision.

But honestly, I doubt that I will switch to Sunflower’s competitor – Whole Foods – because it is twice the distance from my house and costs significantly more.

Does this make me a fair weather supporter?  I’m afraid to say it, but I think so.

I would likely switch to a competitor if it didn’t affect my bottom line or cause me significant inconvenience.  For example, King Soopers and Safeway are on opposite corners of the same intersection and prices are fairly competitive.  If this type of news came out about them it would have no significant negative impact on me to shop in accordance with my beliefs.  It would be easy. But make it a little more difficult and my commitment drops off.

To be fair, I don’t feel like our finances are solid enough to indulge myself by paying more to make a political statement.  But part of it is that I’m just plain too lazy, or dispassionate, or something to be inconvenienced every week.  One week?  I would do it.  But make a long term commitment?  Not so much.

I’m not really liking this insight into myself.   My self vision includes being a person that champions causes, fights the good fight, is courageous enough to do the right thing.   I certainly don’t have on my goals list “Be wishy washy and do what’s easiest regardless of what’s right.”

So what’s the deal?

  • Is it because I separate Sunflower the corporation from Sunflower’s founder?
  • Is it because supporting my family (via finances and time) comes before supporting my politics?
  • Am I jaded to accusations like these and no longer care?
  • Am I just lazy?

What do you think about shopping for what you believe? 




4 Responses to Support Gay Marriage / Oppose Sexual Offenders ~ Shopping for What You Believe

  1. According to Wikipedia, Gilliland was arrested in 2011. I couldn’t find out the status of his case.

    Also, according to Wikipedia, (and other sources I checked), the company is either publicly traded or privately held with a limited number of stockholders. I don’t know how much stock Gilliland owns. There are other stockholders, so buying from them doesn’t solely go to Gilliland…

    On the up side, the company is providing employment for quite a few people…

    • Good points Mike and ones I thought of when writing this post too. There are others that are employed by both JCP and Sunflower and plenty of other stockholders etc that are impacted. But in the really big picture, not giving them my dollars would make the stock less appealing, people would switch to an alternate stock therefore affecting Gilliland – and others of course.

      Big sigh… It’s never just black and white, clear cut, right and wrong, there is the individual, the employees, the economic impact to the farmers, truck drivers, etc… lots of interconnections when you start looking deeply into any one issue.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Oh, and all the stock I’ve ever owned didn’t pay dividends, etc. Any money I made, I made when I sold the stock.

    The private shareholders will make money off their stock when the company has an IPO. I couldn’t find any indication they are planning an IPO.

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