Wordy Wednesday – Marketing to Men

Wordy Wednesday – Marketing to Men

masculine glue gun

This brand clearly figured out the marketing it takes to appeal to men.  And I found it funny enough I wanted to share it with you.

Although we I have two glue guns in our house, my husband felt compelled to buy a third.  Let’s break this down into what appeals to a man, shall we?

Color – pink and white aren’t manly colors – blue and orange apparently work. Tebow influence perhaps?

Size – size matters. Hub’s glue gun is easily twice as large as mine. Maybe trying to spur a little glue gun envy?

Package – men like their package… um, I mean if you want to sell a glue gun to a man you should include a case.  

I think these marketing tidbits are probably pretty true regardless of the product, what do you think?

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12 Responses to Wordy Wednesday – Marketing to Men

    • I had such fun with this. :) To be honest I started laughing as soon as I realized he had bought a glue gun. I’m sure it isn’t called a glue gun – wonder what the name is… :)

  1. I refuse to let my husband have a hot glue gun, regardless of the manliness of it. He somehow manages to buy every single “stripped screw” in the store and would probably just burn the house down.

    • Well Vicki, apparently he’s had this for a couple of years and I just found out when he whipped it out to glue together valentine’s day boxes for out kids… whole other post!

  2. I didn’t even know that they made manly glue guns OR marketed them for men. It must be to do tasks beyond gluing valentines or fabric on things. This glue gun isn’t for sissys!

    • Well, he didn’t stock up on glue, so not sure if it would matter if I borrowed it. I asked about the name…

      Thermogrip gluing products…:) aka – Man’s Glue Gun :)

      LOL I am having such fun with this…

  3. I am sure you know this already but Men’s clothing very rarely use a woman’s name as the brand name, even if it is a woman designer. Women will wear Michael Kors, Calvin Kline, Versace, Etc but men won’t wear something designed for a man that has a feminine name attached to it. They use intials if the designer is a woman, or just the last name. So Liz Claiborne is just Claiborne in the Men’s section. Marketing matters.

    • I hadn’t considered it Anita, but now that you’ve mentioned it – makes complete sense. I bought a pair of jeans for Gene at Goodwill and he refused to wear them due to the pattern on the lining of the pocket (inside his pants where you can’t see it). He said it made them too girly.

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