Are You Prepared to Die? ~ My Directives

Are You Prepared to Die? ~ My Directives

At 38, I can tell you that I am absolutely not prepared to die.

I have young kids that I want to see grow up, go to college, get married.  I have trips I want to take.  Projects I want to complete.  Things to do, people to see.

Unfortunately death doesn’t always listen to the plans we’ve made.  Young people can die unexpectedly.  The phone rings and all of a sudden your life is turned upside down and you also have a million decisions to make.

Even when you anticipate death is coming, there are still a ton of details that must be handled and large decisions pressing on you.   If your parent is dying, do you know how they’d want the following situations handled?  Do you know how you’d like the following situations handled?  Does your family?

  • Do you (or your parents) want to be on life support?
  • Do you want IV liquids and food if you are comatose?
  • Do you want a feeding tube?
  • End of LIfe DecisionsIf you aren’t conscious, who do you want making medical decisions for you?
  • Do you want your organs donated?
  • When does a DNR order apply?  Do you want a DNR directive?
  • What pain management efforts do you want undertaken?  Side effects, such as comatose that you want to avoid?
  • Do you want an autopsy performed?
  • Cremated or buried?
  • Where do you want your ashes or body placed?
  • Do you have a will?
  • Who will raise your children?

I know that I haven’t thought through all of these questions and I certainly haven’t made my preferences clear to my family.  It’s hard to even know where to start.

The My Directives Conversation Starter is a good starting point.  Take a look through the questions they’ve developed and ask yourself if you know the answers to them for your closest family members.  If not, you may want to start some conversations.

My Directives also offers a free place to store your advance medical directives that is available to doctors and hospitals 24 hours a day.

I can imagine it would be great to have these instructions readily available versus your family trying to track down a piece of paper in the middle of an already stressful time.

Some more facts:

  • is the very first HIPAA compliant web-based system for creating & storing advance medical directives and is endorsed by Baylor, the 5th largest health care system in the US.
  • Individuals can create and update their documents at any time.
  • Without an advance medical directive family members and health care providers are left with difficult choices, but storing medical wishes and emergency info online means you’ll get to have the final say.

I know these aren’t fun conversations to have.  I know I would certainly prefer to ignore them as long as possible.  But I must say I’d rather know what my parents want now rather than try to guess later.

I imagine if I am the patient, my kids would appreciate me taking the burden off of them for making these decisions too.

What do you think of the My Directives tool?  Is it something you’ll consider using?

**This promotional sponsored post was made possible by Mom Spark Media. Thoughts are my own. 

4 Responses to Are You Prepared to Die? ~ My Directives

  1. All good questions. Most I have not answered. I have the will done, we just need to get it notarized. It seems so final when we do that. Life insurance was the big thing I wanted taken care of. I didn’t want the financial side of people dying to hurt anyone. Now I really need to take care of the rest. Every time I’m in the hospital I get asked the same questions – do you have advanced directives? I need to get with it.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    • I have to admit I don’t even have a will done! And yes, life insurance was my biggest worry. I have that covered, but really need to get on the will thing – plus the rest of these questions. They are tough!

  2. I am too scared to click the link. I was listening to Steve Jobs Autobiography and I started asking myself a lot of questions afterwards. I hope to not die an untimely death as well, it would be the biggest disappointment of my entire life.

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