How to Save $3,000 a Year

Drink WATER.   Yep, that’s pretty much the entire tip. 

Want a little more explanation? 

I recently joined the ranks of couponers and grocery stockpilers in an effort to reduce our monthly cash outflow.  It makes sense, buy things in bulk when they are at their lowest price – items with longer shelf lives anyway.

I was in high heaven a couple of weeks ago because King Soopers had Powerade and Sobe drinks on sale for $0.49 each!  Woohoo!  Those of you that drink these items know that a sale is considered $0.88 each since they normally hover right around the $1 mark. 

I probably bought at least 80 bottles at this sale.  Running through my mind were thoughts of upcoming soccer season, summer heat waves topping 95deg, and mounds of yard work that we still hoped to get done before the season was over.  

When I brought them home, I told everyone they could only drink ONE of these per day.  I wanted them to last, not just be guzzled indiscriminately.  So, that’s when the calculator in my head started whirling…

$0.49 each x 5 people x 365 days per year =….had to actually get the real calculator out for this one… = $894

GASP!  Seriously?  $900 a year to have a little flavor to 1 drink a day?  And Double Gasp – we hardly ever limit ourselves to only ONE per day, plus this is 50% off what I’d been paying…. 

Ok, let’s assume we have 2 per day and they are regularly priced… no, let’s assume I bought them on sale at $0.88 each…

$0.88ea x 5 people x 365days x 2 per day = $3,212

Anyone have a defibrillator?  I can’t breathe and have chest pains….

Imagine how happy I’d be to have that much toward our kids’ college?  Or pay off my mortgage early?  Or just on vacation!!

You can do the math for your situation, but bottom line, those one or two per day indulgences really hit your bottom line in a heavy way. 

What I know?  We are definitely filling up our water bottles more often and drinking Propel and Gatorade less…

What are your shocking budget discoveries?  Any ideas to share?

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4 Responses to How to Save $3,000 a Year

  1. That’s a good one! We drank a lot of water already but were making the double mistake of spending money on water and making a big green mess! I can’t believe what a waste that was when I look back… Our fridge now filters the water and we buy 2 liter bottles of sparking water for a bubbly treat ($0.67 is the stock up # for me, that comes around every 3 months). The kids love it!

    • I suppose I should have clarified that to save the $$, we will be drinking tap water and filling up our *canteens*. Buying bottled water, although usually less than Gatorade, is still an unnecessary expense. Plus all those bottles in landfills as you referred to earlier!

      I am trying to keep 4 filled water bottles (not disposable) in the fridge at all times so the kids will just grab one of those, like they used to do with propel, juice boxes, or disposable bottled water.

      As always, I really appreciate your comments Brian! :)

  2. How depressing. Thank you though for the post and the reminder. When the Dew is gone (about 6 cans left), the Dew is GONE!

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