Monitor Your Kids’ Phones #Giveaway

Monitor Your Kids’ Phones #Giveaway

**Giveaway closed.  Congrats to the winner – Jen**

The addition of cell phones has added a whole new dimension to our children’s adolescence that I didn’t have to deal with as a kid.


  • there is more communication going on via texting than there is face to face.
  • our kids can be captured on film by anyone with a phone and said picture can be circulated around the Internet in a matter of seconds.
  • teens have to deal with cyber bullying on top of traditional bullying.
  • porn can be accessed via your phone in less than a minute.

In addition to these new concerns, we have the standard teenager issues too:

  • Are they drinking or doing drugs or having sex?
  • Are they actually going to the movies like they said or is that a diversion?
  • Are the so sweet you can’t melt sugar in their mouth girls chasing our sons truly good kids?  Or is that just the face they show parents?  <– yeah, this one shocked me the first time I read the texts girls were sending to my stepson.

Although it was the dark ages it’s been awhile since I was a teenager, the teenage wheel hasn’t been reinvented.  Maybe the wheel has a bit more bling, but teens are still teens underneath it all.

One option for managing your teens (or any kid with a phone) is to add software to their phone that copies you on all their texts, photos taken, gps location, and calls.  Spector Soft makes a software that does this that I was able to try out this past week.  Here are some of the reports I received (numbers and names x’d out for privacy).

phone summary

Worried that your daughter is sending sexy photos to her boyfriend?  You get an email any time a photo is taken.

SpectorSoft photo report
Photo Report

Wonder if your teen actually went to the movies?

map spector soft
Where were they?

What are they really saying to each other via text?

spectorsoft text
No chance to clear texts before you can read them....

Did they talk to someone they weren’t suppose to?

phone log
Who did they talk to?

What kinda stuff are they learning? What websites did they visit?

website log
Where are they surfing?

Invasion of Privacy?

I know some of you may feel awkward about adding this type of software or may even feel guilty about not trusting your teens.  I can understand if you purely install the SpectorSoft software to bust your kids.

However, what if you use it as a parenting tool?

Instead of thinking of it as a digital leash, think of it as a snap shot into the issues facing your teen.

*  You see a photo they are sent (or take) that is bordering on inappropriate – you now have a head’s up to bring up body image, privacy, worries about photos never disappearing once they are on the web…you have a crystal ball that helps you pinpoint the support your child needs at that moment.

*  You read texts and see your kid is considering drinking, drugs, sex… you now have a head’s up to casually bring up a conversation about appropriate time, circumstances, options, etc.

*  The phone log shows your child is being harassed by an ex boyfriend, a teacher, a neighbor – don’t you want to know about that?

Personally, I think when it comes to teenagers, parents should allow themselves any tools possible to help steer their kids through these tumultuous years.  I will definitely be adding this type of software to my kids’  phones.

What about you?


You can win a subscription to SpectorSoft and try it out like I did.

Prize:  Subscription to SpectorSoft valued at $99.95.

*  Eligibility – no purchase necessary to win, open worldwide, must be 18 years old or older to enter.

*  Odds of winning dependent on number of entries received.  Winner will be randomly selected.

*  Winner will be notified via email and will have 24 hours to respond before a new winner is selected.

Mandatory entry:  Leave a comment saying thank you to SpectorSoft for the opportunity – include how this software would help you.

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Entries will close on March 22nd at midnight.

Disclosure:  This post was sponsored by SpectorSoft and Gigcoin.  All words are 100% mine. 




26 Responses to Monitor Your Kids’ Phones #Giveaway

  1. Oh, teenagers! My kids are still young enough not to be texting yet my little guy knows what Facebook is, kind of. I don’t think it’s an invasion of privacy. At such a young age, it’s too young to really understand the implications of texting, images, Facebook, etc. I think if the program is used as a teachable tool rather than spyware, it’s a way we can parent in an age that privacy really is no longer private.

    • I agree Stephanie. My oldest (other than my stepsons) is 10. She desperately wants a phone, but I am not going to let her have one until she is old enough to be left alone. However, she has already asked to get a facebook account, takes photos with her ipod, etc. It’s a strange new world and we (as parents) need to help them navigate it.

      Thank you for commenting!

  2. Thank you! I have two daughters who currently have cell phones. I would appreciate knowing more of what is happening in ALL those text messages!

  3. I really like this software – but I don’t think it needs to be effective without your kids knowing it’s there. I’d love to show my kids how they’re being monitored with this, and then say “off you go.” Makes it a more collaborative, cooperative exercise than the whole ‘spying’ idea. It also sets the scene to open conversations about responsible use of their technologies! Great stuff. :)

  4. I went through some scary stuff with my teens who are now young adults (friends sexting at school) and don’t look forward to going though what may lie ahead for our younger two. I don’t need this for another five years but I tweeted it for you!

  5. That is amazing! I hate to say it, but my dear friend’s marriage ended recently due to a cheating spouse – if she’d had this about six months ago, she’d have realized exactly what was going on!

  6. This monitoring software is getting pretty popular. I like phone sheriff a lot. They just released a 2.0 version that is worth getting. Parents will love it.

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