Do Good ~ How to Help a Local Charity

Do Good ~ How to Help a Local Charity

I know that everyone has a full plate without adding charity to the mix.  Just getting the kids to school, yourself to work, homework done, sports practice attended, dinner made, and possibly some fun in there…it’s a full time schedule.   Trust me, I get it.

But, even with all that, I highly recommend that you find a community charity and get involved.  Do good.  It feeds your soul and can be fun to boot.

My kids and I found a great charity, Volunteers of America, that we’ve volunteered with for the past couple of years.  Yesterday was an opportunity to help out with their annual fundraising event – a race called Running of the Green.

running-of-the-green do-good
Running of the Green, Lucky 7K supporting VOA

There are 7,000 registered runners for Running of the Green, plus unregistered dogs, kids and friends.

7,000 runners x $45 entry fee = $315,000 to support VOA’s mission.

Mission:  …to help the very young, homebound elderly, and women and children that are victims of domestic violence

do good running of the green
Cutest water girl on the planet.

To accommodate the 7,000+ participants, the volunteers filled over 11,000 cups of water.   The cute little diva in the purple hat and pink coat is Chloe (my 4 yo).

do good
Making friends and having fun.
do good running of the green
Helping charity can be as easy as a cup of water on your head. :)


do good running of the green
Do good & have fun too.

Don’t think of volunteering for charity as a chore.   It rejuvenates you, doubles as quality time with your kids, and you meet fabulous people that are also helping out.  Yesterday my son found a classmate volunteering there as well!  His parents and I have already planned to volunteer together at the next event.

Some of the other things we’ve done through VOA include helping with the annual Martin Luther King Jr dinner, distributing Baskets of Joy, and helping with 9 News Stuff for Students.  I’m also a big fan of

Finding a Charity

I found Volunteers of America by using the website You can search for opportunities by location, keyword, type of charity, etc.  Great starting point!

Do you already volunteer?  Or are you looking for a charity to join?  Please leave a comment and tell us about it! 

10 Responses to Do Good ~ How to Help a Local Charity

  1. I sooo need to get my kiddos involved. I will start looking at this over the summer. It makes things difficult when we only have our girls m-f, their dad has them on the weekends, which is when we might volunteer. Hopefully summer will be better. I’m glad you guys enjoyed it so much!!

    • That schedule would be tough… if you can swing it the family events are great – they really try to make it a fun day for the kids to encourage them to volunteer again.

  2. I really like paying it forward. Involving children early is important so that they’ll choose to continue throughout life. We have a daughter in Girl Scouts right now and next week we’ll donate our hometown heros cookies to a local nursing home and the girls will sing songs during the resident’s dinner hour. It really can be the little things.

    • It really doesn’t take THAT much time or effort and makes you feel so good. I can definitely give up some reading or couch time for this kind of reward. Truly, giving is selfish because of how positive you feel afterwards.

  3. I am glad the weather was fantastic for the race. I regularly volunteer for races that benefit charities but that is more to be active in the race community since I also do events. I volunteer regularly for causes but the one volunteer action I am most proud of is being a regular blood donor – easiest way to contribute to a community if you are eligible.

    • That’s a good one Kia. I donate blood every 8 weeks or so, when the bloodmobile is at the library by my house. It is so easy, quick and helps so much!

      And yes, we were very lucky the weather cooperated! Isn’t it gorgeous this week?

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